Adult PS3 and XBOX360 GAMER TAG list.

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Xbox 360: gamertag is Donogha, ples feel free to add me im usally on anytime around 1pm-10pm central time somtimes earlyer somtimes later..i played on the computer as well but due to PC issues i ended up geting it on console and acctully am glad i did is great i currently have all classes at 60 Para: 21 on softcore and am working on a monk in hardcore ( level 40ish right now and def looking for people to play hardcore with but i would love more friends that do softcore as well. ty for your time and hope to see you ingame!
Xbox 360 GT - cdnmouse

I am in Australia, but am on fairly often.

PSN - wondawiza
XBOX Gamertag Bragina, lvl 60 paragon 10 monk. I got a mic, i can tank, i farm keys and machines for my alts and i hate duppers and modders. Add me i usually play late night while on father toddler duty :)
360-unic0rnpoacher, that is a zero in Unic0rn
PSN dpuckett23

monk 60 (9)

250k dps 70k hp 500 all resist

have mic
PSN: Jupiter67

Monk, 60(16).

No: dupes, modded items, mic.
60 ww Barb

Do you not want to deal with some 13yo punk with his mom screaming in the background?
Do you want to curse and not feel guilty that some little troll will get offended?

not very mature tho...
Ps3 DJKueba
And headset

Just add me and send a message saying D3 and we'll get right to it, looking for people high enough to help me power through hell difficulty. Thanks!!
Relatively new to Diablo 3, but own on both consoles and PC now :-) I have headsets for both systems.

XBox GT - CHawk15
PSN ID - CHawk15

Lvl 40 WD (PS3)
Lvl 60 Barbarian (360)
Lvl 42 DH (360)
Lvl 16 Monk (360)
Lvl 17 Wizard (360)
Lvl 8 WD (360)

I play most nights. A lot of people have friend-ed me from other threads like this, but most people seem to be in closed games and what not. If i accept your friends request, you can jump into any of my games.

Sometimes i might be playing a low level alt, but Ill always jump on my monk or wizard to farm inferno.

The only time I will turn you down is if im playing couch coop with my roomate.
GT: Xaniac
Just bought console... more hours than I care to admit on PC... looking for folks to play with.

Just started from scratch hit me up.

Jonny_blazin PSN
PSN: Brogettoku

I don't care about anything that is discussed or said. Freedom of speech after all.
Xbox. 24 years old. Gt: xI Beall Ix
XBOX live Morthadon76 Diablo 3 add me
Xbox gametag: DemonHunterXoo7 (letter 'o' not zero)

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