any patch news yet?

Demon Hunter
been away from forums for a bit, has there been anything remotely resembling patch notes?
or just any major announcements recently?

(dont give 2 dumps about the console crap)
Wait for 21st August, we will get update from Bliz, could be Loot 2.0 and could be D3 Expansion as well.
I thought we get news tomorrow, no?
I thought it was the 25th at Gamescon?
Here you go:

But if you don't want to check for yourself (quoting):

"When: Wednesday, August 21 (3pm UK time)
Livestreamed? No

With some degree of certainty, we can predict what Blizzard will reveal during gamescom. The firm updated its website last week pointing at a new Diablo 3 expansion suggested to be named Reaper of Souls.

This will almost certainly be the "special announcement" previously teased. Elsewhere, a trademark for The Dark Below hinting at a new World of Warcraft expansion was revealed, but that could be announced later if it's true.

Finally, expect to see Diablo 3 on consoles before it launches on current-gen in September and Xbox One and PS4 in 2014.

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