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I retired my Demon Hunter a long time ago, when 1.0.5 was released until I just remade one on hardcore mode.


Here are my questions. What skill do demon hunters use to kill the act-2 Key Warden? My current build seems like is not working too good at the moment. Well anyways im walking act-2 at the moment with my demon hunter on hardcore mode and im having to face the key warden here soon as I progress... any info is appreciated, thanks.
Ball Lightning gets the job done.
Imo elemental arrow -> ball lightning seems best for me. Rapid fire will instant gib you. I instant gibbed myself on a 800k eHP swap lol.

Non projectile skills also work too (spike traps, multishot, etc). I think sentry works too?

If you have a large mob around the key warden and a good cm wiz, rapid fire can work provided they can perma freeze 100%. Any time the key warden isn't frozen will most likely result in instant gib the whole party.
Also, the last thing you want to do is lasso yourself with a Bola.
ok, thanks guys.. rly appreciated.. good to know because there is no 2nd chances on hardcore.

hungering arrow and bola are good choices, lol
The best thing to use against the act 2 keywarden is Shdwflare's Barb.
08/20/2013 08:59 AMPosted by Shdwflare
hungering arrow and bola are good choices, lol

This actually works even better in Hardcore.

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