Demon Hunter
Ok. I have a few questions.

1. 3 types of them. Life on hit, life on kill, Life as % of damage. If I hit numerous monsters will LOH multiply? If I kill a few with 1 hit, will LOK multiply?
2. Do those skills work on all damage I do? Ranged too? Spells? What about minions, mines, turrets, sorcerer's shield spell, hydra spell etc.?
3. Does inferno 80% apply to all of these? Does it apply to both skills and gear bonuses?
4. Do bosses have increased resistances and armor? If so how much my DPS will be more to a normal mob on Inferno compared to some boss, say Butcher.
1- Yes.... but for life on Hit, each skill have proc coefficient. If your skill has 16% proc coef, and you hit 5 targets, you will gain 5*0,16*LoH, so if you have 500 LoH, you will gain 5*0,16*500= 400 life.

LoK and LS multiply too.

2- No.

3- Apply on Life steal only. Yes.

4- ?
What is proc coefficient?
08/19/2013 10:27 AMPosted by Cheerio
What is proc coefficient?

nothing important..
08/19/2013 10:30 AMPosted by SwSw
What is proc coefficient?

nothing important..

Proc coefficients are important. For example, against a single target such as Ubers, RF - Fire Support will return more disc from NS than Bombardment due to its higher coefficient.
What language are you speaking guys?
Cheerio, I would simplify my answers to your questions, hope it helps.

1. LOK helps if you can kill mobs within couple of seconds, cuz if they don't die, you don't gain life. LOH don't help much in higher levels cuz your life gain is usually too small to recover back thousands of life per hit from monsters. LS is the key to suck back huge life within a few hits, however, it scales with DPS and only from a certain level you will feel the power of it. My estimate for an effective LS is min. 150K DPS.

2. Basically any attacks that comes out directly from your character. Not hydra, not sentries, etc.

3. Applies on LS only.

4. Every monster has different HP/Armor/Resistances/Damage and stacks up as you go on higher levels. Perhaps reading up on Monster Power helps?

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