How much for this SoJ?

Demon Hunter
Damage Against Elites 30%
Hungering Arrow 12%
Cold 6%
+Disc 9-10? I'm not entirely sure as of yet if ill need/want full disc on this yet as my build isnt complete.
~ 1 b
1 b will not get you this. more than 2 b depending on buyer demand.
Unless you are lucky, that ring will cost a lotta gold.
FWIW, I have a 30/5/5 Cold HA for sale. Hit me up in game, will sell it cheap.
well, right now at the moment, i only have approx. 675k gold. by next thursday or so i should have enough to buy it off of you.
Whats so costly about it?
Damage Against Elites 30%
Hungering Arrow 12%
Cold 6%

You want perfect damage dealers :)

I'd go for:

Bve = 27+
Hungering Arrow = 10+
Cold/Disc = any value.

It's probably best to use a DpS calculator such as:

Click on the SoJ, click edit and change the stats around according to what you find in the AH. Open up multiple Tabs of your character wearing each different ring. (if you can't edit items on the link, I recommend setting up an account and start using it ^.^ really helpful tool)
I've been there before and have tried to upload my character, but for some reason, it wont load.. ill try again because i seem to be asking some of the same relevant questions at different months and could get them answered by looking there..
For the Stone Cold hunter build it's more important to get the 6% cold and 10% -12% plus HA. If it comes down to 30% elite with 6% HA versus 20% elite with 12%. The 12% HA is worth 10 times more.. Don't forget the %elite damage comes off the original HA % damage. Plus we shoot more HA more than anything in this build .

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