Any other 1 toon level 100 Paragon players feel screwed

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The most fair way to do this to satisfy everyone is to *NOT* share paragon levels across the account. You earned 10 levels on your WD? Great, here's 10 points your WD can use. Earned 100 on your Barb? Great, here's 100 points you can spend on your barb.

Not sure what's so difficult about this solution.

The obvious idea is to have CHARACTER paragon for direct character core stats.

And VETERENCY bonus across all characters equal to the total.

Vet rewards can be crap like +10 cap to MF/GF limit every character that gets past 80. +5 pickup radius for every character past 25. Extra resplendent chests and goblins for every character past 50. Extra bonus dungeons throughout the game for every account that has 5 normal level 10's and 5 hardcore characters (dead or alive) up to level 10. Dice that roll and reward gold on every chest and yellow mob if the player has 5 normal + 5 hardcore characters up to paragon level 20.

If 4 players all have 5 and 5 paragon level 20 or more then every time they hit a bonus dungeon they could hit a "redo" portal at the end 3 times because each player has it unlocked. If each player has 10 characeter (5 norm/5HC) level 20 or more then 4 goblin dice are rolled for TONS of gold each yellow mob and chest.

This would make it so you want to level each character specifically to level up the specific, character defining stuff. And level up your whole account to get easier MF and bonus rewards that can be used on any character yet dont really define your character.

The non random part of the system should crutch the random to help even the person with the worst luck out. The first paragon 100 should feel a bit hard and daunting. After your first one you shoudl be able to feel the bump in faster experience gain on your second one just as a general reward and boost. You should FEEL this effect with every 100 paragon. Or maybe even chunks of 10 levels up to 100 being a point at which you feel a nice big boost.

I think by the time players get to their 7th character they want it to feel much faster no matter whatn so the cumutalive account bonuses shoudl reflect this.

I think by their 9th character (5 being hardcore for the completionists) they will want to last level to zoom by. I know I think I would be tired as heck of playign the game by then if not sooner. So why not design the system to fit this? General alleviation the closer you get to the end. Specific character defining stuff delivered for specific character growth.
08/21/2013 05:16 PMPosted by DoomDash
That or we can base it off how many monsters and elites we've killed on our account rather than actual experience ( at least at first ).

In this case anyone who played hardcore and got to para 100 while doing hell runs would be much better off since they would have FAR FAR more elite and overall enemy kills on their account, and IMO i would call that an unfair advantage, much more so than only leveling one character.
Havent gone to all the replies and post in this thread. Dont know if its been asked and answered already but il ask anyway.

If say i have 2 dh @p100, is it counted as 200points or just 100points since its same class? Or if i rolled 1 female and 1 male dh, would it make a difference?
The class or male/female all does not matter. 2 DHs@P100 will give you "200" points. But technically, it's not 200 points. Currently, the paragon points are based on total xp of all your characters (soft/hardcore are different). So 2 DHs@P100 might be around 125 points.

XP is not recorded after P100, but I think the OP makes a valid point. As a suggestion, there could be a compromise made. Based on your single P100 character's elite kills/kills, more points can be gained so that you will have at least some reward for your time.
how about pre paragon? i played a lot even before then :D hehe
Nobody forced you to level more than 1 character. Quite frankly I don't even understand how in this game you would find that entertaining. There was nothing to gain in the first place other than bragging rights.
the level wont be added together. the total xp on all characters will be added together and that will determine the level. not "i have 10 paragon 50+ toons so that will make me paragon 500". they have clarified this on twitter for the mentally challenged.
08/21/2013 06:00 PMPosted by SIONG
Assuming Lylirra's post is true ( ) that means people like myself ( and Moldran ) get screwed for not blindly leveling characters to 60 ( plus paragon ). To be honest i have no interest in leveling other characters I'm not interested. I think we should just start at whatever paragon level is our highest, rather than combined across characters.

are you saying people with multiple char has some benefit on the expansion ?

if so, can you give the source link plz thx

"The exp gained on every character will be combined and give you a number of paragon points based on it." It's not 1:1 PL, just the exp. Let's say 200 PL = 150 PL in RoS because of the experience margin. Still, players with more total PL in your character slots will be getting a head start.
It's a customization system. It gives players additional thought in distributing stats they want for certain characters. For instance, I will definitely be maxing out the dodge and dex stats for my second wizard (my "ninja" wizard) whereas I'll be focusing more on traditional DPS and EHP stats for my main wizard. The rest of my characters I'll figure out as I go along. We don't get these options in the current paragon system.

How exactly is it a customization system when there is an unlimited number of points? Its not a question of "should I build for dodge or dps" but instead, "which should I get first, dodge or dps?" Thats not a particularly interesting question to me. With an unlimited number of points you will eventually max every relevant stat so I dont see how that does anything for build diversity or customization.

08/30/2013 11:07 AMPosted by HainKurt
We plan on sharing more information in the coming weeks about Paragon 2.0, but not everything about it has been finalized. We'll make sure that everyone's concerns are brought up, though, and we'll let you know more about how experience will transfer from the current system as soon as we're able to.

hope, they will look at kills/elite kills, xp earned with dead HC players, xp earned with deleted players... not just paragon XP on LIVE characters... if it is possible...

Although the paragon points will be for the entire account, I don't imagine exp gained in SC will benefit any HC characters. You could simply grind SC until you maxed your HC players stats. Also, do you lose your points if said character falls? HC needs to remain HC and the latter should apply. It would be a horrible idea if you could pump SC points into HC characters.
Not sure if I'm understanding this properly. So if I have only 1 Para 100 by chance and my account is full of low level mules or characters not with paragon. Would that hurt my para points?

Honestly I think they should leave the system the way it is.
updates still?
I dont think their is a solution for us players that were only interested in leveling one toon and playing one class. I like many others had no interest in playing with other classes coz I AM A BARBARIAN FOREVER!
You are acting as if there is no time left before patch 2.0 hits to gain Paragon levels on multiple characters. While we're finally getting some concrete details about what will be happening, the actual patch is still a ways off. You've got time to make progress toward PLs now rather than just sitting idle until the patch/expansion.
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Why the hell would anyone want to even play this game until the patch or expansion launches? I can't even bring myself to log in until Loot 2.0. Then we'll see if I buy the expac.
So is it only the ones you have at p100 getting added or all the paragon levels you have already?

I mean hell I can get 10 toons to paragon 50, that like having 5 p100..

yes i assume they will calculate EVERY exp you have !!!

no having 10 X p50 = not 5 X p100 .... if you think that way paragon lvl 1 to lvl 2 would require the same exp as paragon lvl 99 to 100!!

10 x p50 = 21 240 000 000
5 X p100 = 52 272 000 000

so not even close to half 5 x p100 !!(more like 40%)
Pls respond to this questions to answer your question!

When blizz didint actualy screw u over?

1 when mobs had enrage timers ?
2 when items didint have and tooltip for + and - dps?
3 when u lvled your barb and wizzards ware overpowered?glasscannon and etc
4 when they delivered an unfinish game?

Ofc i am like u i loved the barb so i didint feel like paragon the rest of the chars, i tryed but its pointless

So yes if u played 1 char thats it we will loose points in expansion even if maybe we have 2000 + houers spent farming fro !@#$ loot.

Do u know why wow lost players?

Because from time to time noobs were equal in gear with players that spent houers and nights and weeks farming black temple and ragnaros and etc.

they reset the level cap and etc so every new player has a chance to reach the rest of the 50% players.

Did Wow lost 50% of his subscribers in the last years ? Yes its the amount of good players that felt betrayed by the sistem.
any updates? are we single toon players still not recognized for our loyalty to sticking with one toon?

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