New Dead Mans Legacy Loot 2.0 ,check it out

Demon Hunter
If that's the case, then they need to rework the skills the scale heavily on CC.
(bye bye spray of teeth)
If that's the case, then they need to rework the skills the scale heavily on CC.
(bye bye spray of teeth)

Yea not sure how that will work out, the might have to make the on crit effects much more powerful etc. which is why It's hard to tell just yet if the new gear is truly that much better by huge amounts if the trifecta stats are heavily nerfed (about 35% or more)

The other thing is the cool down stats slot at max is only 10% reduction, that's terrible lol I was hoping for bigger numbers to make a FOK or ROV heavy build or bring back Smoke Screen to old levels if enough stat points were invested but I guess that's a pipe dream with only a -10%, but hey it's better than nothing I suppose lol!
Hey guys you are all forgetting something.

There is a new GEM

skill reduction when placed in HELM

I would expect this thing will reduce cooldown by 35% when you get it to a Radiant Star level.
^ what does it have to do with skills that rely heavily on CC mechanics to work? And that picture was taken from a beta, which means that 11% CD reduction on a flawed diamond wouldn't likely make its way through launch.(let alone public test realm)

Add to the fact that blizzard hates almost 100% uptime long CD skills, so yeah, don't expect it to be 35% CD reduction.
All this hype before launch but on actual day itself, Blizzard is going to dumb down the game to suit the mass brain dead barb players.

Sad but true...
the one interesting thing when they showed graphics of the DML the Wand and Fist weapon....

Anyone catch they all showed account bound?

wonder if they were rerolling stats with the mystic to get what they wanted and if you enchant with the mystic it becomes account bound?

Strange nonetheless.

I plugged in the stats of the DML they show into d3up and found even though I lose a lil CC my DPS still goes up 12.7k with base EHP going up 21k. Since there is more dex than I also get more dodge bringing up my EHP w/dodge by an additional 62k.

So losing a little bit of CC for 62k EHP and 12k DPS increase... I see that as a good thing all in all. :)
That would be amazing if all of the GG gear dropped as account bound.

Rewarding people for playing the game instead of the AH is going to be great if Bliz can pull it off.
^It's very easy IMO. They just need to add a "smart drop" tickbox on the gameplay menu, once activated, all the drop rates will be increased but they will all be account bound. Even those self found players will appreciate that option.
lol it is terrible for lvl 70
lvl 60 is much better than this
and who uses cluster arrow anyways cluster is another terrible useless skill/ball ligting is the best for loot 2

nice necro, and what planet are you on if you think cluster arrow is useless and ball lightning is best? Interesting read back in time and amazing to see everyone was basically right!
Best way to shush a troll is to ignore... I'd say no more posts after this one, let it die.

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