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Witch Doctor
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@naum93 try using paranoia instead of hex it'll probably help ur dps output against larger packs
@ImSoJellu as for you nice 0 dog wd i like it. u need more dps for higher mps donno how to get it. definetly craft better bracers and gloves thats a imidety upgrade it shouldn't take more than 50-100 crafts. also u need AR on you chest, belt, pants or boots or as many as u can get.

u just read my mind today i tried paranoia against hex after a long time but i reverted back to hex. i hate that paranoia stops my channeling thats the main reason. also a slight more mana most , mobs not coming to me etc. any comments on my gear anyone? don't mention my amulet and 1 hand i know they suck i am working to get better ones.
you could upgrade ur gems
you have a sick weapon. Maybe more AR on your boots will be good but I believe you can easily solo MP 10 !
decent DPS but your EHP is sick 9/10

nice work!!! but how do you handle the mana regen vs. your huge AS combined with PtV?
the gear is 10/10 how can i judge?
I dont know what to add to my WD. i can play on mp10 most of the time, but my DPS is not that high like others WD i've seen. I usually play with that build also, sometimes i like to go with big bad voodoo/slam dance instead of zombie dogs and circle of life instead of blood ritual, i'm stronger but i get killed pretty fast and mana drains out quick too sooooo.... any advice?
You have 30k more dps with only 60 more intelligence. This means you have more gear intelligence than I do good sir! 9/10
09/30/2013 07:31 PMPosted by AWholeNewEra
^ Lots of dps, good gear, very sexaay!@!@

Not bad for a starter.

Considering your level, I would put you at a 5/10.

You have got the idea...keep it up...looking good. I wish I had gear like that when I was 60/19.

9/10 Very strong WD. Possibly up the shoulders with a good craft, but other than that everything else looks gg or very close to it.
I'm New to WD ported some gear over from Wiz......., @ Lazy GeniusMaybe more Vit and some crit on that ammy.
@ Gcanum... Ummmm, haha, I dont think you can do a whole lot to improve. I guess you go to a crafting party and try to get some perfect trifecta gloves. Otherwise there isn't a whole lot of room for improvement.
7/10 everything is literally upgradable. good job though gems are giving me an eye sore though :o( upgrade them immdediately!
^ Pretty absurd gear. The only path for me to take is the mega nitpick, and I don't even feel like I am in any place to do that haha.

Just about every piece is near perfect - I guess you're missing a grand total of 1.5% crit, a few % elite damage on mojo, and... I give up.

@batman You set looks pretty nice. How do you like skorn at the higher breakpoint? One area of improvement, which is more about preference, is that you could use a little more dex just to get some extra dodge in there. Other than that 8/10
@ Amiar

Great WD. Pretty good crafts on your shoulders and bracers. You could stand to squeeze a bit more DPS on more CC on the zuni helm. I would recommend perhaps a bit more res all? But your survivability is pretty damn good. Godly Skorn. Puts me to absolute shame.


Now for me... Please be gentle, and give me some constructive criticism. I have about 100mil that I can upgrade with. Let me have it!

1> Gems needed to be upgraded. Getting all your gems to STAR should be pretty cheap. If you need some Gems let me know I can help you out some but you will still need tomes.

2> If you are running a CoB type build I would recommend getting a lil more armor.

3> you have like virtually 0 ASI on your gear. I would imagine with a skorn you are becoming increasingly squishy on the higher MPs due to the fact you have lower armor and slow APS. You may wish to look at replacing a little of your CD on a piece of gear over to some ASI. If you aren't as interested in increasing your ASI at this point an alternative would be go with a 1h weapon and MoJo to get faster APS and mana shouldn't be much of an issue for you.

Decent set of gear you have at this point. At this point... I'd rate it 5-6/10
@BubbaGump, I could def. use some gems. I'll add you and hit you up later. Thanks for the advice.

I was told that on a CoB build, the less IAS, the better so I wouldn't run out of mana, so I was kinda staying away from it. About how much IAS should I go for??

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