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Witch Doctor
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:/ totally got skipped...


8.9/10 Looking pretty great! Got some gg gear in there imo.

Those boots look like they could be upgraded, I think dropping the 1% damage would be worth it for you for more defensive stats, your weapon doesn't benefit as much from it, however the more the merrier, and I forgot that you have offhand avg damage on top of it too :D

08/28/2013 05:42 PMPosted by Hales
Wrong doc. Look at the other one

Love the PUR, I have gear that will give me 27 but I can't roll mp 10 with it.


Cant really rate you as some gear is missing but what I do see is good ;)
I'm not going to rate the guy above me as my opinion wouldn't be accurate. I'm unsure if I'm getting the most dps out of my WD or not. His current build is farming MP7 fairly effectively, but I can't shake the feeling that I should be doing more damage. Not to mention I find my build to be a bit boring.

Tried the firebat cloud build last night and while it definitely seemed to deal more damage (though it gave me a 30k damage reduction in my overall dps), I couldn't keep it up. I was constantly running out of mana and dying way too quickly.


You are running out of mana because of the excess attack speed, lack of mana regeneration and using PtV.

You are dying too quickly because you have too little HP and armor.

It's really that simple.

Running at higher MP's requires an investment in survivability and a strategy for doing sustainable damage. Sacrificing this to achieve the highest possible DPS (which seems to be your goal) is a recipe for failure (IMO).

Nice overall, only thing that i would try to add is getting some All resist on the pieces missing them. Nice amulet btw.

lol im using pvp skills i didn't change them to proper skills., btw 4 zuni set is mana regen. With hardly any ias at all i sustain bats perfectly fine mp10.
@Death You guys make me feel so inadequate! :p

The only thing I can see you "lacking" is AR on the gloves. I suppose you're wishing you had a tiny bit more CD on the weapon and LS on it as well.

@Lukage you're keeping a pretty good balance so far with your gear, it seems like you know what to aim for. but just my thinking, you should look to add more AR where you can, boots and belt maybe (i think belt will likely be cheaper). you could also gain a huge ehp boost switching to rare pants with high vit, AR, and 2 os, if you can stand the 12% movespeed. if you plan on sticking with inna's though, you should look at 101+ vit as the roll, they often drop to around 3-4 mil, and socket with two topaz. your weapon could give you a huge damage upgrade if you can find comparable int/cd rolls and higher base damage (maybe look around 930+ pre-ruby). good luck with your gearings
@Berserkle Nice stuff. I'm new to playing WD, so I don't have much to suggest. Maybe a little more CC/Int on that helm. I like those pants. I'm thinking about doing something like that for my build... it's just so hard to take that hit to DPS if I give up my Inna's

Anyone have any ideas for a DPS upgrade on a 10m budget? I'm stuck at 200k.
@Josephus I can tell your not too familiar with WD and overall your build is kinda strange... lots of ias which is kinda fake paper dps for most wd's. also your build while fun(I used to roll with acid rain) sucks... I went from mp 3-4 to mp 7 just by changing from acid rain to either bears or bats. However if you do that you will run into insane mana issues with pierce the veil and getting the 4 set bonus with zunis would be nice even without pierce the veil. So dunno about the 10 mill upgrade but I would consider going either bears or bats and grab zunis armor instead of the tals and probably going rare pants instead of the innas which really isnt giving you much dps just the 1% cc... also your cc/cd is pretty low so eventually your gonna want a better weapon with cd on it and a socket.

rating I guess would be 7/10 it looks good at first glance but upon further inspection it's easy to tell your new to WD. Have fun with it as it's a great and fun class. Also if you want to stick with acid rain go with a proc doc as acid rain is awesome at proccing.

As far as I go I normally run with bats but have bears right now... Really I'm just wondering what my next upgrade should be and whether or not it would be best buying(I dont have much gold right now maybe 10 mill but after selling what I'm trying to I should be back up to around 200 mill) or if I should craft which I have horrible luck at.
@jose: gotta got some VIT for sure, 38k is really 1/2 what you should be running! Dump the innas pants for some rares!
@dethaxe 10/10

very nice wd
ok I'll try this again as no one wants to rate me lol...

@Nostra Pretty nice... I would probably try to get a bit more mitigation before getting more dps. I like to have around 4k armor and 600 AR with my WD. Also why bad medicine? you have to cast locusts on everything for it to matter.

@tr5 6/10. Due to the fact that If you were to take out your vit gems you were to maintain a low ehp rating, try getting a better chest bro, vit on your WH, higher vit on your shoulders. You need to sacrafice some dps at this point to get more vit because gold is increased by a !@#$ ton. I mean your on your way. Try investing in a Skorn. It helps out a lot and it doesn't need to be a GG skorn since all skorns with life steal are proved to be endgame. Also skorn will make you ditch spiders and make your bears crit way more! Cheers brotha! and GL
@ Avila

Awesome wd! Great dps and sweet ehp!

Will like to see u in game. How do U keep the channeling with that aps and no pick up? Amazing.
@fatality, look at my passives and you will see why, I maintain and control my mana while keeping an eye on spirit walk. run mob to mob to bring back my spirit walk, fight an elite lay down BBV soul harvest, then so on and so on. aps makes cob way better while i have a steady 600k ehp w/ soj which makes cob more better vs elites. you can add me if you want to see my WD in action!

Very nice WD. Great balance between AR, armor and DPS. Your CHC could be a few points higher and I'd dump the frog. Why does anyone running CoB need 20 PR? You could get a substantial DPS boost with different mojo and just grab 7 PR someplace else.

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