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...Indeed! [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9793009454?page=6#119"]This post[/url] may offer some additional food for thought on the subject as well. :)

The second question about the writing. I hope the lead writer learned his lesson tbh and that it will be better in RoS.

It wasnt the fact that the storytelling was so direct, it was more the childish and condecending way of doing the storytelling. D3 was seriously like reading a childrens book where the characters treated your player like the village idiot.

Errr. I mean how else would they reintroduce the world? I mean don't get me wrong. Their writing needs a little help especially in the way people talked back in the gothic period. It was more of a thee, art, and thou.

Though considering that is my only problem with the game is the story telling thats not a big deal. XD.

Why couldn't the black soulstone absorb energy as some sort of conduit or catalyst?
Tyreal trusted in Adria regarding the destruction of the Black Soulstone. The plan was to capture Belial and then proceed to shatter the stone, destroying those evils.

Things changed suddenly when Adria betrayed the group. First and foremost, before Diablo's immergence, never was it suspected that all of the evils would be consumed by Diablo into a single "Prime evil." If there was a chance the destruction of a soulstone sent the evils to the dark abyss where they would, over millenia, recover their strength and rise again, the idea of the prime evil re-emerging and wrecking heaven all over again wasn't all too appealing. Keep in mind, the angels will live long enough to see that moment. The nephalim that saved them will not, and there's no guarantee there will be another nephalim to save them when that time comes.

Second, and something people seem to have overlooked: Adria just walks away after her betrayel. Destroying the soulstone could just work into Adria's plans. For all we know, she's fooling Diablo, maybe even working with/fooling Mealthael into carrying out her own ends, and using her daughter to do it. She could very well be plotting the destruction of the lords of hell in her own way, or manipulating them to obtain their power through her daughter's soul. We actually have no way of knowing if Leah is actually dead, or trapped within Diablo and thus the black soulstone.

Final food for thought: The near end of the main campaign has Tyreal realizing what makes human's so special is their courage, despite facing the lord of terror. Let's just go full blown cheese and assume Leah's soul is in a position to face that fear, conquer the lords in the soulstone, become the prime evil, and thus embodying the nature of humanity through the marriage of the sins of the lords of hell and the virtues as represented by the angels of heaven. Basically, becoming the ultimate Nephalim, or God for short.

My two cents.
hmm I could of sworn I heard in d2 act 4 that the 3 evils where forwarned of tyreals plan, and were also given the knowledge of how to corrupt the soulstones and use them to increase their own power.

I assumed that was the reason Tyrael had the stones destroyed on the hell forge. To sever the evils ability to use the corrupted soulstones. As it realy didn't make sense if you KILL the evil then pick up the stone. because the guy is dead and not traped in the stone. If you catch my drift.

Even if the souls were sucked back into the stones when you killed them. If the stones could of been shattered to kill them forever then why the hell wouldn't the angels of lauched a all out attack to take the forge and then kill them and be done with it to start with. Granted Tyrael was working in secret when he tracked them down but still you would think that if they could get rid of the generals of hell forever they would just do it and get it over with.

As far as D3 was concerned it WAS NOT Tyrael's plan it was ADRIA's if they had not found Adria I doubt he would of even thought of it,

Because it was adria's plan she probably told tyrael that she knew a ritual that could be used that would permantly kill the evils by shattering the stone after said ritual.

After Diablo is defeated and Adria is revealed to be a villain, Tyrael does not try to destroy the stone as the whole plan was based on the word of a evil daughter killing witch, and he had nothing to say that adria's ritual would of even done anything. So they patch it up and seal it away.
Actualy considing adria did do a ritual and what it did was create the ultimate prime evil. Its pretty safe to say that Tyrael had doubts that using her ritual would actually be beneficial LOL , and that it was more then likely just something adria said so the heroes would go along with her and help her achieve her goals.

Anyways that's my two cents and IMO it makes a lot more sense then everyone else saying that the stones destruction in two were meant to kill them forever and blizzard just changed the story so they wouldn't be dead for number 3.

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