Suggestions on my DH.

Demon Hunter
Hey guys,

Just wanted some opinions / suggestions on improvements for my DH. I know I need a ring and bracers.

Head socket?

Anything better then Rapid Fire / Fire Support?

I like the Bola shot / Immineit Doom.


Consider looking at my RF gearing service thread and has a long write on buying, gearing, optimizing your ias, eHP, etc.

Your amulet, bracers, amulet require attention.

You may possibly require trifecta gloves + lacuni prowlers to hit the 2.0000001 aps breakpoint. This requires you to get at least 13 increased attack speed

If you do not increase your ias/lose ias to 1.66667 breakpoint, bombardment is a much better choice for you atm (1.81818 aps)

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