[Friendly Reminder] watch out a player

Demon Hunter
He is scamer. MrCanadian

Here is general scamming strategy.

1. selling multiple gems for very cheap price
2. put that amount gems in the trade window
3. remove all of the but one
4. after trade you will end up with only one gems

please watch out for this player, i got scammed 125mil. i know i was bit greedy :P
He is doing it for fun.

Blizzard community should perma ban this kind of player.

Thanks :)
Well, you can only blame yourself for being greedy and dumb..
I agree players like this should be perma banned!!
Bump. Ban him.
i am dumb its true . but are you saying people who are scamming dump people is doing the right thing ?
I cannot believe we still are seeing gem scamming posts.

Has been going on since the beginning.

as has been said in the other 12,822,478 posts out here on these forums


if the trader won't do that..... then you know he/she is a scammer right off the bat.

posts like this shouldn't even be posted.

1> should not contain player names (this has been stated 100x before)
2> 100% avoidable if a player looked at the forums about gem scamming.

8months ago... I'd have pity .... today ... not so much.
Actually, I learned something. I came back to D3 after a year and didn't know about this.

Good to know. 1 gem at a time...if I were to trade someone which is unlikely.

Still...coming from WoW, it wouldn't have occurred to me that removing something from the trade window wouldn't change the status of the trade and require a reauthorization of the trade...like in WoW.

I think we'll see a lot of this going on in the wake of folks coming back after that awesome trailer and in anticipation of the Xpac.

Shame, but cheaters gonna cheat, I guess.

Knowledge is power.
I never knew about these gem trading glitches. I've bought a few gems from people in the past with no problems. I lucked out.
Scammers blow..ban em all.

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