Rolling a GG HellFire ring

with upcoming expansion forecast, just got this feeling that GG hellfire ring will be priceless.. yet i hardly see anyone use one now days probably mainly due to crappy roll and the effort and time you need to put into it to craft.

Best i've rolled was with 35% exp gain... any tri-fecta?

meantime, i'm going to lvling via act1 and finish with an uber run from now on... add me if you wanna join my band wagon.
sometimes getting more dps and or mit in the place of a hell fire ring is just better because you can clear content more efficiently at higher levels and that out weights a hellfire.

for my lower geared hero's i have put a hellfire on each of them as well as on all my followers to gain benifits ;)
I had been wearing my HF ring since December last year, even on my plvl 100 wizzy. That's all because I am cheap, as I never want to camp AH or pay for another one which outdps it. But the cc kinda suck.
I agree that most of the rings on the market will out perform average hellfire ring... but .. but.. what if you roll one like:

220 int
35% exp gain

Thats 5 randoms, and you only get 4!!!
Technically that is 6 randoms. HF rings only have up to 200 base int.
I'm using a HF ring on my WD since getting exp is important for RoS.

Decent roll, AR/Phys/IAS/CC. Would be good for a new CM wizzy too.

Best i've rolled was with 35% exp gain...

Wow 35%?? GG toma!

You're better than that

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08/25/2013 04:59 PMPosted by BotakZhang
I had been wearing my HF ring since December

Same...I'm happy to roll mine on the 4th try

+28 max dmg
+170 int
9 attack speed
90 life per sec
I rolled one just this past week (equipped on my barb now). The ironic thing for me is that I have been playing hardcore recently instead of softcore, and only rolled one because someone needed help with ubers to I helped them. Never came close to rolling one like this one when I rolled hundreds back when I was trying all the time. Should be good for the new Crusader class too!
do you think it's easier to solo uber or as group?
I thought about a Dex one for the Monk as I have zero interest in playing a DH. I am torn because I have to use one ring slot for Nats, and the other ring I actually found myself. In my eyes it's the best ring I have found since I started playing, and fits a lightning resist OWE monk pretty well.

A strength hellfire ring might be a possibility. I feel like the Paladin is going to be a strong class and a good strength Hellfire would be nice to throw on him at level 1. My luck with Hellfire rings has not been very good, and the only one that was anywhere near usable was my very first one. I have the mats for five of them and I might try to get enough to roll about 20, and just hope there is something good.

I was even considering a vitality HF ring. That would be really nice for a new character and a follower.
08/25/2013 10:31 PMPosted by t0ma
do you think it's easier to solo uber or as group?

of course it's faster as a group -- that's if all of your party have decent stats to go mp10 ubers
Why? You could be spending that time getting more exp lol. Not worth it, never was.. put ruby in helm and be done with it.
08/25/2013 10:31 PMPosted by t0ma
do you think it's easier to solo uber or as group?
Depends on the group, but it's usually much more efficient to do it with a group. Not only is it faster, because of the multiplayer bonus and that other classes normally do more dps than wizard, but you're also only typically contributing 1/4-1/3 of the Infernal Machines (or even less). And that means you get 3+x more Hellfire rings in groups. That's a much higher rate of return if you're trying to craft a gg Hellfire Ring.
I'm tempted to start farming them again for a STR version. Will use it to level up my barb now, then stick it on the Crusader later. Might as well put the hundreds of keys in my stash to good use.
272 int
97 wit

It is really hard to find something better for my setup on ah.

It was 15 try

And in expansion I will put diamond in socket to get more mitigation. And thanks to mistic my hellfire will be better. Hellfire could be goodly
I have a quad-fecta Vit Ring. Currently its on my 93 Monk:

    32 Max Damage
    193 Vitality
    7% Attack Speed
    39% Crit Damage
    4% Crit Chance

Also, this was my first and only Vitality Helfire ring.
Wow Beer, this one rolled GG.

Cheers on it!
Ya, I cant tell you how many STR, DEX and INT ones ive rolled that are complete crap. I guess we all get lucky once?

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