Another upgrade thread...

I just started gearing towards CM wiz and I've looked at all the guides and so forth, but I wanted some personal advice on which items I should upgrade first.
You don't really need LS at this point so I would just suggest an IAS sword with crit damage and a socket. Drop the Zuni boots for ice climbers. If you want to make up the MS get Lacuni's. Get 2 AR ring aiming for 7+ IAS and 4+ crit. Hellfire ring is useless. Get IAS and 60+ AR on Gloves. Vile wards at this point would help more. You could get vit on force to make up for some HP loss.

After these upgrades you would be at:

~50 crit
~650 All resist
~2.263 IAS 2.387 with Lacuni's

Upgrades maybe cost 10m +/- 2m

Be prepared to lose dps. But by losing dps you make the build work and shine.

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