Is Cold Damage from a SoJ good for PvP?

I know that cold damage from a SoJ freezes monsters in PvE, but yesterday I got frozen by another DH in PvP and he said it came from his SoJ. What is your experience with that? Is it worth the investment for PvP purposes?
The cold snarl effect is very dependent on the skills that you used.

If the skill has elemental damage, the cold snarl effect will be overwritten and you do not get benefit from it.

E.g. Cold SOJ is not effective for Int classes because most of their skills are elemental based. The snarl from the cold tend to get overwritten. Whereas cold SOJ on HOTA (Hammer of the Ancients) will retain the cold effects and opponents that get hit by it will be snarled.
That means it would be useful for my DH, since I use skills like impale and rapid fire, which are not elemental! Interesting...
Rapid Fire is physical or fire damage, so it doesn't work with cold. Impale is weapon damage, so that works.
Nice infos both of you! Thanks!
By the way, is it really useful? Good sojs are very expensive!
I don't see it as very useful for DH at least, for several reasons:

Against Barbarians, Sprint completely overwrites the cold effect and the only attack DH has a good chance of killing a Barb with is Rapid Fire, which has zero benefit from cold elemental bonus because it changes the type to physical (or fire but no one ever uses Bombardment in PVP).

Against Demon Hunters, Tactical Advantage with Smokescreen effectively makes all slowing effects completely useless.

Against Monks, their Dashing Strike and Serenity ignore snare effects and their high dodge chance makes the slight cold damage snare almost useless. Engagements against Monk's are generally very short; they either kill you or you kill them quickly.

Against Witch Doctors, their dogs will block the way of most slowing projectiles and thus prevent you from slowing the WD. The WD can be snared a little but it wont last long with frequent use of Spirit Walk.

Against Wizards, just kill them with Impale, Fan of Knives, and/or Rapid Fire. There is no need to snare something which can teleport and dies easily.

Hey :) I can tell you all about how a Cold SoJ will work in game. I may not be on tonight but ill let you know when I get on.

I can see hungering arrow and a bunker build working well with a cold SoJ. Someone did that to me before and you can not hide from it. It goes around walls, crowd controls you, and you die without them even knowing it.
I have got a cold SOJ and experimented a bit. In general it seems Iria is right. It works against some classes, but only scratch good barbarians. In a few experiments it seems to be useful against WD because hungering arrow seems to freeze the pets, allowing you to impale the WD himself. But i still need to do some more tests.

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