Should I go Nats?

Wizard > "feeling"

Because it is actual results and calculations. "feelings" is just that... Feelings are not concrete #s

Go check your numbers and see which gives the best DPS boost.

I'd say 3/4 wizards use emerald because it gives MORE dps.

15xx vs 12xx + 110% crit damage btw.
sorry guys , im nooby with 700k ehp , 80k hp , 250k dps , 2.74 ias and 48.5 cc
I can lock ubers , my dmg is insane , I still prefer ruby not emerald , cuz I use shocking aspect and shards ...

shards = 210 % wep dmg as physical
aspect = 35% wep dmg


best wand with socket = not even 1200
wand with ruby = 15xx

math no go , im noob , sry ....

prefer what you like man, but the math story is not just 1500>1200.
Yep, shocking aspect do crit. That's why green works on it too :)

To use ruby, pretty much tal amulet, storm crow and zuni boots are a must (in 95% of the cases) for ruby to out dps emerald.
Thanks for the guidance peeps. Sounds like most folks are going with Nats ring and boots with blackthorn pants for the life on hit.

I'll shop around to see what I can afford but may just wait for the itemization patch.

I had to laugh at the comments regarding my "low" crit chance. I guess things have changed because 25 to 30 % crit chance was pretty darn good back in the day. Heh. I can't say that I feel under-powered with my current crit chance and really don't have any problems maintaining mana regen right now. Not saying it can't get better though. :)

08/28/2013 08:20 AMPosted by MrIr8
I'll shop around to see what I can afford but may just wait for the itemization patch.

Not sure i'd hold my breath on this. Who knows when it will come out. At the earliest at Blizzcon in November? Maybe early next year?

08/28/2013 08:20 AMPosted by MrIr8
I had to laugh at the comments regarding my "low" crit chance.

When you will really feel it is against 1 or 2 elites (i.e. after you've killed all the trash whiles and you're trying to lock down just 1 or 2 elites...especially kiting ones. If you misplace a WW or two, and the elites kite, then you're hosed. You won't be able to generate enough APOC to lock them down well enough...and you'll be chasing them all over creation. it slows you down. its not efficient. Also, higher CC also results in a higher damage, there's that too.
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zuni > nats

Freeze, especially now with higher monster density, is overrated. You should naturally get high cc without using nats as a clutch. What you get with zuni's is not dps (both nats and zunis offer comparable edps), but ehp, namely AR on the ring and the int bonus. Dodge and melee reduction is good, but nothing compared to that kind of AR boost. In end game gear, getting high cc is easy, getting high AR is hard.
I don't know, I have tried both nat and zuni sets and many combinations of both.
I think they are the same. neither made me feel better nor either made me feel worse.

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