selling my DH! If interested see inside.

Demon Hunter
selling my dh for $ only. All gear except (bracers) package deal only.

stats are as follows-

332k buffed (talents excluding SS)

246k unbuffed (no buffs except follower)

40k hp (37k without perfection)

578 phys res (526 without perf)

482 all res (432 without perf)

aps 2.01

CC 60.5

CHD 338%

additional info

paragon lvl 12 so on a lower lvl it will be less dmg.

hatred regen 5.21

disc per sec 1

likes long walks on the beach.
Manticore and SS.

it says excluding SS sigh* read plz ty
I know that, I was laughing that you were trying to sell a DH with a Manticore and thought people still use SS past level 45.
oh I just didn't want there to be any confusion about the buffs.

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