Free starter WW gear...

Hey guys, got bored and spent about 100mil on a beginner WW set. This is going for free to the first person to reply HERE.

- Must be a noob. If you have a handful of level 60 characters and good gear on any characters, I'm not giving you anything. This is to help someone who's primarily going barb and is struggling to get going.

Stats of the set (at my barb's 70ish paragon):
144k DPS
50k HP
52.5 CC
462 CD
2.09 APS
545-640 AR

And.... GO! I will say IN THIS THREAD when I have a winner who meets the requirement.
meee! but if I dont qualify ill gladly pass it to someone who needs it :)
Gonna have to pass it buddy. It looks like your specs in your profile already destroy this set... wanna make sure I help someone out who really needs it!
It would really help my barb once it hits 60. But if you think it's better to provide the gear for someone who already has a level 60 barb then that's fine with me.
@LittleOgre.. I do like your set up tho... feel free to add me in game and we can WW farm together sometime ;)
@Laika.. you'd be a qualified candidate. I'm giving this til 1am Central time to find a 60 barb in need. If no one claims it, it is yours.
@KingNineTeen You seem the helpful sort...maybe you can help me out here. No...I don't want to take the it for a real new blood or that Laika person...they were here first. I need advice more. I made a thread the other day but it got 0 attention.

You can reply in this thread if you prefer or the other...or neither...but I will check both.
@Laika - add me in game, I'll hang on to some hand-me-downs for when you hit 60 and try to help you get going.

@Tayledras - checked your toons.. going to give you this gear. Add me in game.
Thanks to this guy my barb no longer sucks! Woohoo!

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