Spinning Flame Kick - Fire Monk


Felt like having something a little different, so I'm making a Fire Monk.

Priority Being:
1) Looking Awesome (Like a Fire Monk)
2) Being Fire themed as much as possible
3) Being able to handle as high MP level as possible

I need help:
I think Lash Tail Kick (Spinning Flame Kick) is one of the most awesome looking fire abilities (possibly for ALL classes). But for the life of me, I can't make it work. The knock back is just so usefless.

What situations/how can I make Spinning Flame Kick work???
LTK has fewer synergies with other skills than most monk abilities.

You can try spirit regen gear and 2H (skorn or really good Maximus) with passive Guardian's path.

Take SW inner storm, BOH: Blazing Wrath and some other spirit passives to get started.

Don't expect to be doing well in high MP. :(
I'm ok with sacrificing high MP farming for this build.

But your post kinda confirms what I was worried about. LTK doesn't synergize well with anything. It looks cool and that's about it.

Anyone else, any ideas?
Kick things into walls. You don't have to chase them if they don't go anywhere.
Maybe some ltk cost reduction and combined with either ds or cyclone to deal with the annoying knockback, it would never be a great build for very high mp but it could be fun for a change.
Use a slow weapon so you hit hard and KB won't happens so often, but WoL will always outshine in terms of damage and aoe.

Sweeping armada is dealing weapon damage, so if you have cold soj or weapon, you can play like DH.

You can use scorpion sting for the stuns, and any fire damage modifier gear to take advantage of the elemental type, since WoL is only Holy-based.

The reduce cost of LTK isn't necessary when you hardly can spam it on one target.
I think something like LTK shines in HC types of situations, where KB may be more welcomed than in SC. If you don't play HC, then stay from LTK - it sucks for efficiency and for group play.

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