Kreyzie&Alpha's nOWE/Shenlong set giveaway

And the winner is Kraze#1968!
Congratulations! You have 24 hours to claim the prize based from the timestamp below.

Kreyzie has been giving out sets silently on the monk community & pub games this is the second time that he will do it on the forums.

What you see is what you get. Gems are already included. The set will also come in for FREE.

I would like to know why you deserve this set and I would expect you to keep it intact and pass it forward when you're done with it.

Participants will be evaluated closely so we can see whose deserving. Then those deemed worthy a raffle will take place.

Monk as primary character
Preferably a young monk <p20 with lower dps, eHP o effectivity than this set.
Very active player.

This set is most efficient in MP5-7. If you want to go higher equipping OWE will help.

End date will be Aug 31 8pm PDT.

Here's how it looks:

At paragon level 0
Dps: 112,000
eHP: 500,000
490all res / 6.1k armor / 47k life
Life per Hit 1,175
Life per Second 764

Please Edit your post so I can see the timestamp like what you see at the bottom of this thread.
haha! my gear is much worse than this. to the player who gets the gear, 'congratulations dude!' :)
I don't know where to ask it so i'll just ask it here :
What is ePH ?
he mean eHP
And what is eHP ?
effective hit points i think :)
I'll bite. I just came back after a year off and only really played barb beforehand. I just leveled up my monk and bought all his gear last night. I'll make it into inferno tonight, so I'm way behind the curve. I've only got 1mm gold left to my name, so can't afford any upgrades besides what I have.

Yes, I realize my build stinks, but I just hit 60 with it and it worked for me to 60!

Why do I deserve it? No good reason really - its my birthday Sunday so that's the best I've got, lol.

Either way, thanks for doing this for the community.
The dps alone is almost double mine. I just recently re-installed the game and have been farming mp2 act1-2 with no luck yet lol. I'd like to be considered for the set please.
This set looks good. I can't really say if I deserve it more than anyone else posting here. It's a step up in dps and almost 2x my eHP. I love all the 5 classes, but I always go back to playing monk. Solo I'm stuck in MP4. I'm trying to get a better set of gear to go further in mp level (currently mp4/5)

Whoever gets this set Grats !!!
Nice set, we should have more ppl doing this. I think this set is not for me right now. :-) looking forward to see the winner.
^ anyone else out there?
The set that is being provided is indeed impressive. I would be interested in obtaining this set as it would allow me to play my monk much better than what it is currently capable of doing. Additionally once I am no longer in need of this set I will be very glad to pass it along to another person in need of a boost in gear.

Edit for timestamp
Winner announced above. =)
Wooo! I won something!

I will be on at around 1PM PDT :)
Wooo! I won something!

I will be on at around 1PM PDT :)

Waiting for you to come online. :)
grats kraze and thank you alpha..
09/02/2013 11:18 PMPosted by kreyzie
grats kraze and thank you alpha..

My pleasure. :)
Grat's Kraze,

I got a grat boost from winner a set (not this good tho). It was a huge boost to my play, my fun, and my progression.

Great work Krazie and Alpha.

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