Please advise on my barb..

Hey guys I'm just wondering if I can get some info on my barb here. I spent about 6 bucks on the AH and got him where he is now.

First question is, is he decent? What MP level do you think he could comfortably run.

Second question is if you had a budget of 5 dollars or 250 million how would you "upgrade" him?

Thanks so much!
Mate, I'd love to say you did well but unfortunately the truth is your gearing is a bit of a mess.
Offense wise: you don't hit the 2.5 WW breakpoint in WOTB
Defense wise: you have way too little ehp (380k only)

It's hard to tell what mp because you're not optimally geared as in you're not making the most out of every gear slot. It's likely you'll need to completely regear.

My set cost about 300m. Planet made one for 150m and another bloke made one for 200m that turned out pretty well Do some more reading before spending more money is my suggestion.
Hey man thanks for the suggestions. I'm a little dissapointed tbh lol.

Anyway I think I may have actually found a really nice drop though. In fact one you may be interested in. It's the feet for that black jousting set.

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