Skills that scale with level

Hey guys. Felt like a theory crafting, future predicting post about the xpac. Most attacks are based on your weapon damage but there are quite a few defensives that simply give a flat amount of whatever.

For example, diamond skin should absorb more than 10853 damage than it does now. Do you guys think these skill will become more or less powerful then they are now relative to the gear and content in the xpac? Keep in mind that gear will also become more powerful, monsters will be 10 levels higher and likely hit much harder.

Do you think you'll see items with defensive skill bonuses like "galvanizing ward regen increased by 100 HP/sec" or "diamond skin absorbs 11% more damage"? If this is not in the works, would you like it to be?

I may have missed some but here's the list I came up with of skills that scale with level. If you wanna comment on any of these, suggest a change, or anything else, please do so.

Diamond skin, all runes (amt of dmg absorbed)
Familiar, vigoron (life regen)
Galv ward (life regen)

All skills with mana cost, the mana cost scales.
The WD's mana pool and regen also scales.
So do all runes with mana on hit or temporary flat mana regen, e.g. BBV rain dance.
Soul harvest, all runes (amt of int received)
Soul harvest, siphon (amt healed)
Sacrifice, for the master (amt healed)

War cry, invigorate (life regen)

Breath of Heaven, all runes (amt healed)
Cyclone strike, soothing breeze (amt healed)
Mantra of healing, all runes (life regen and amt of dmg absorbed (3 sec effect))
Transcendence (life per spirit spent)

Companion, boar companion (life regen)
I'm sure a lot of skills will get a complete overhaul. I mean, outside of trolling, who seriously uses Wave of Force: Teleporting Wave? I don't have much faith in Blizzard in balancing, but they have stats on what skills are used most... they don't really listen to players (much), but they are getting their data from somewhere (lol... I'm theorycrafting how Blizzard conjures up their messed up patches).

I really really like the idea of scaling based on level. Poor players with below average gear can still grind paragon levels and still survive. At the same time, we don't know what the new system will be like with the stat point allocations in character stats, offensive, defensive and utility yet.. it might already be in the works for all we know.
I would be pretty lame if these skills that scale weren't implemented correctly for in the higher level cap. Let's say xpac gives you the ability to roughly double your eHP using items of similar rarity as you have now. If diamond skin only absorbs, say, 10% more damage than it does now, it's going to essentially be less useful than it is now, assuming the xpac eHP gains I referred to are not solely mit based.

We also know that (unless it gets removed) we're going to see the affix "cooldowns reduced by X%" in either loot 2.0 or the xpac. Most defensive skills that can actually save your life have a cooldown. So, that is a buff to all defensive skills, in a way.

What about increasing effectiveness in other ways? Would you want to see "+0.2-0.8 serenity duration" on a monk item? How about "adds 2-10% weapon damage to frost nova"? Or "temporal flux snare effectiveness increased by 15-25%"? I think these kinds of affixes would be cool on a legendary item, which can have however many affixes the devs want to give it. I don't think I would want them eating one of the 6 precious rolls on a rare though.

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