Need help with my first serious character!

Hello everyone,

So I've always been looking around the forums here to cross-reference between different builds on here, and been trying my best to read a lot of the stickies to play well with my character. But I've been reaching a point where I still can't go through MP10 as efficiently as I want to be. Do you have any tips on any of the following for my character?

Character Link:

Goals - I want to be able to level fast on paragons, and be able to clear MP10s efficiently (with or without elites involved). Elites take me around 20-30 seconds while white mobs take me 10-15 seconds on MP10. I've tried Both Dual-Wield and Skorn and currently I have Dual-Wield as a setup and testing the waters.

Itemization - If I need any new items, need to focus on certain changes, any viable options I can go for? Maybe a little reasoning behind why I need to do so, since I would like to learn the game more with your help.

Build - Currently I've been shuffling around Hammer of the Ancients with Rend and Whirlwind (+ Sprint). I feel like I've been trying to find that 'best build' that I feel comfortable with. Any suggestions on which one you think is the best for my character?
Any extra tips?


Any help is appreciated, and please tell me anything constructive you can about my Barbarian! I want to own a character that I can call my "main," and farm with. I plan on branching out after, but yeah.

Side-Note: I'm new around here and this is my first post. Hopefully I've made a good first impression (?).
Anyone at all? Any help would be appreciated! (bump)

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