Did you ever...

Kind of -not- want to rescue people in the story-line and resent the game for forcing you to?
I'd really like to leave that long-winded, whiny gypsy chick stuck in the web. Heck, maybe even let the Spider Queen have her for that matter...
Just keep on walking and not look back.
09/02/2013 10:27 AMPosted by Sinafae
Kind of -not- want to rescue people in the story-line and resent the game for forcing you to?

Occasionally, I find myself not wanting to rescue some Kamikaze Jerk party member. Does that count?
Ahhh, only sort of. The game can continue if you leave your party member dead on the floor :P It doesn't prevent quest completion.
I do. All the time, as a matter of fact.

That's why I make a point, whenever playing in Act 2, to always swing by the Alcarnus area and gloat at those caged prisoners there. The very sight of them - each one bereft of hope and slumped inside his tiny bird cage, utterly powerless to make me free him - has the power to raise my spirits so high, that I actually feel like putting up with the rest of the inconveniences the Act has to offer.
LOL! So cruel Laurelynd XD
I just left the single guy tied to the post in the oasis in act 2.
He doesnt spawn an elite when freed from the post and never gives good treasure either.
Hope the monsters eat him for lunch but maybe he is too upright for them to indulge on his tastyness
You two aren't allowed to post in each other's created threads

too fishy
Note to self: Do not get on Laurelynd's bad side.
09/02/2013 12:04 PMPosted by Demiwraith
Note to self: Do not get on Laurelynd's bad side.

Note to everyone, in general: Laurelynd doesn't have a good side, so you're really out of options where to stand. (%
or the farmer guy who gives you his treasure. he's like "have this!" i'm like, "no, your family heirlooms are crap, i'm just gonna leave them on the floor where they belong."
I never save the guy in the oasis.. nor go in those basement areas.


no loots, no save.
On the flip side, I wish you could do things like let Zultan Kuule live. would be cooler to just beat him into submission and have a badass sorc henchman.
Yes indeed. I'm so glad I am not the only person who has become fed up with the "good guy" hero cliche :P

And seriously? Most have it coming to them. How many dead villagers do you need before you realize it isn't safe to leave the village? I'm tripping over corpses left and right! Honestly, how many villagers were in these towns anyway??
or this one....

Only thing I would want to change is to team up with Zultan Kulle
guys, you're not getting the moral of this thread, lol.

here it is. Listen to the lyrics.


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