cm wizard help

Im needing some pointers to help with surviving. I die alot.
Your all resist is less than 150. That is why
and your armor should be over 4000 minimum
The 5% ias on your Unity is superfluous. You can drop it and still stay at your breakpoint.

Armor is too low at 3400.

You have 147 Resist All on Gear..Add that to your 265 from Int...and you're running around Sanctuary with 412 All Resists! I'm sure you are one shot prettty often.

Your 950ish LoH is great..but isn't worth its weight in dirt if you can't survive a hit.

With the exception of your Vile Wards (which is standard) you have no Armor rolls anywhere. Your mitigation has got to be preettttyyy low, brotha. (79.29% according to d3up)
thanks, ill start trying to upgrade armor and all res

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