What If You Can Combine Legendaries to Create a Set?

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I was thinking how loot 2.0 is gonna drop more legendiaries and then this idea struck me. What if you can match legnedaries to form your own set. In stead of the "oh another legendary" you will be able to match up to 5 non set legndaries to form your own set with unique bonuses not offered by any other items sets or individual items. . So there is an incentive to seek that effect even if you thought the legendaries are not best in slot and a reason to not vendor or salvage those legendaries.

There is a catch of course, doing so will bind those legnedaries to you. Their color will turn green and they will become part of that set permanently and you can't match them with orange legndiares to form a new set. Yes , You can equip them individually on one class or different classes if you want to but that's it, no other chance of forming another set. Keep in mind it's random and You might end up with bonuses not useful to your class. Because some of them are class specific

- Killing an elite will grant you one of it's affixes for x seconds

- Helm socket grant dual bonuses, the original helm bonus and and the chest socket bonus

- Frozen Zombie dogs: zombie dogs gain the ability to slow down and occasionally freeze targets (on top on their rune effect)

- Blessed by Malthael, for next x seconds, all enemies killed will be raised as zombie/ skeletons for x seconds

- Heavens Ally: when your health reaches below x % , 8 angels come to your aid healing your for x percent and stunning enemies for x seconds. this effect can't occur more than once every x minutes

- Spending arcane power heals you for x life

- When you level up, you choose the next spell/ rune to unlock manually ( for legendaires dropping under level 60)

- X chance to summon a second gargantuan whenever you summon a gargantuan. this effect can only happen once every x seconds.

It's all random, you might get any of those affixes regardless of your class. So you might get the bonus of Zombie dogs and the arcane power bonus on the items equipped only by barbarians.
So here how it works, combining 2 legendaires will grant 1 set bonus, then adding a new item to the set will add another bonus up to 4 bonuses by combining a total of 5 items.

There is chance you'll get the set bonus upgraded instead of an additional bonus, i'll use the elite example to explain, so the game randomly decides by either giving you an additional bonus or it will upgrade your current bonus:

- Killing an elite will grant you TWO of it's affixes for x seconds.

Another example, the frozen dogs zombies upgrade will be:

-zombie dogs gain the ability to slow down and occasionally freeze targets (on top on their rune effect). In addition the max number of zombie dogs raised is 5.

So you can end up with up to 4 random bonuses in total OR 1 upgraded bonus and 2 non upgraded bonuses OR 2 upgraded bonuses in total. Another catch would be that there is cap. You can only carry ONE type of this unique set on one character. Carrying another forged set of this kind will not grant bonuses.

I do realize that this is not for every one. But I think it will have appeal to some. The unique bonuses offered by combining legendaries and the randomness of what you'll get will offer a new incentive for some players to start hunting for lengdaires or simply not just trash them. It's that same lottery effect that diablo games is known for.

Some ppl will ignore this and go for best items in slot and that's fine but i think it will open a new way to play for others who enjoy the randomness nature of those sets and will act as an item sink for lengdaries.
So, basically "i just want more stats"
The idea is to give ppl with a lot of legendaries to have a second chance by offering something unique and random.
Also, if something like your idea was to be implimented, itd be a new, unique, and detailed idea, requiring lots of thought and work.

Blizzard has clearly shown with this upcomming expansion that is the OPPOSITE o fwhat they want to do

-new act directly from d2
-new character an "ugpraded" d2 character, complete with spells ripped right from it
-everything else is literally just "we're trying to fix this and that" with concepts people have wanted since beta
-if not, then it's half thought out "solutions", such as infinant paragon (ie bots will have a billion stats), BiS BoA, etc.

Blizzard doesn't want to work. they want to spend as little time in the thinktank, design, and coding rooms as possbile.
I thought i'd give it a shot. Yes it needs a lot of work and thought and it doesn't necessarily has to be taken exactly as it is or implmented soon. may be next expansion?

the core idea is to give reason to get excited when you see new legnedarties drop and it has this random element to it that i think is the core of what makes loot appealing.

You roll your set and and never know what you'll get. the legndaries might not be the best in slot by themselves but the bonuses are a reason to make you think: hmm i wonder if I should keep wearing them.
Also to add to above, I think it's a good item sink. it has this element of choice even for those with best items. For some one with great legendary items it makes you think, should I combine to form a set to get those powerful bonuses?

on one had you might end up with great bonuses and your powerful legendaries become more powerful on the other hand you might not want to do so because you don't want to loose the ability to trade them or may be end up with bonuses that won't work for your class.
When I thought of this I had the mystic in mind, while it's great to reroll stats in exchange for account bound. It doesn't feel awesome to me.

If you want to take that item away from me give me something awesome instead. Give me crazy and unique affixes. Like a said before this is not for every one but i could see as another option offered by the mystic.
hmmm odd how ppl wants to turn a Rpg into a mmo sometimes:P
08/27/2013 10:57 AMPosted by Shensir
hmmm odd how ppl wants to turn a Rpg into a mmo sometimes:P

How does this make it an MMO?

too hard to code i guess
good idea. i like this. more uniqueness. although blizz will have to balance things such that every set is strong and viable. if not, it will just end up being the same thing - 90% of the population going for the strongest most efficient set.

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Yes balance is key but in the end I think a game like diablo and a world where paragon 2.0 exists, it's more forgiving in terms of power limits. I'm no game designer so they might come up with something better and cooler.

The core idea is a wide pool of set bonuses where some of them are class specific. It's like a gamble. You might end up with a few affixes that your class don't care about and ultimately have your legnedaries bound to your account [ an item sink that has a possibility of a reward] . Or end with something really cool, not very powerful but interesting. I think it will give those interested, a reason to get excited when they see new legendaries drop that they think are not powerful enough.

I intentionally tried to avoid set bonus that are pure stat numbers like X% to damage or increase in x or y stat.

Like I mentioned earlier. I personally think this would award those who pursuit it by providing randomness and a possibility for a cool bonus, might not be powerful but can be fun and interesting [ like the example where your under 60 and get to chose what skill to unlock next or the helm socket bonus providing an extra stat]

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