Archon Gearing Assistance

So, my Wiz is pretty solid at MP5-6, and with the new patch/expac on the way, I'd like to be able to farm a little higher MP more efficiently. The Tal's ammy and gloves are new acquisitions, but I feel like I've shoved myself into a corner with any other upgrades.

My damage output seems to be just fine for MP6, it's mostly survivability issues. I have 917 physical resist with archon popped, about 880 AR I think. If I were to guess, I'd say my armor is too low, but I'm not sure what piece to make up the extra armor would be.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Not a pro myself but i seen your gears and your sword seems to be the one to be upgraded nect for the biggest dps boost.
get a socked sword and bam your dps will jump. also consider a no LS sword and get aps. because with the increase dmg BM you'll steal enough back and the only thing u need LS weapon for is RD elites. which i use to just switch. I didn't have $ like jaetech so i took the cheap route to switch and it doesn't seem like u rich either so think about that route.
Alright, got the new weapon. It helped my kill speed on MP6 quite a bit, but I still need help surviving. I'm still dying to elites occasionally, and I don't know what else to upgrade

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