Pls help on gearing.. Helppppppppp

Currently sitting at 100k dps, ar near 700, armor 3500, as 3.03, 45k Hp.. I felt much better in terms of freezing, coming from 2.73 breakpoint when I 1st started playing wiz.. Would pretty much stick to current EHP, and as, but I have no clue where to get more damage.. Hmm... I can do mp10 pretty much most of the elites, have problem with sb/kulle, other 2 über stage was ok... If any expert out there can give me some good advice, thank u so much in advance :) happy to join this wiz community, was all along playing with my monk :)
Getting the trifecta on some of your items is going to help you out since you are missing crit damage. Also another dps gain is going to be from getting a higher avg damage chant force.

Another handy thing will be using deep freeze rune on frost nova, with the amount of things to destroy every time you hit 5 you get 15% more crit. That will help a lot with cooldowns as well. Unless you know this and were doing ubers or something.
Crit damage or average damage or both on rings and ammy. Higher int on gloves, source, WH, lacuni, chest, shoulders (you can upgrade this last item for pretty cheap), OS will with higher DPS--socket with marq emerald. 6CC on crow. You'll get a nice hunk of DPS from plvls too.
It take sooooo long to kill elites on mp10 lol, I wonder about what dps it feel like crashing things apart, lol.. I can feel that my monk at 300k, breeze thru most things.. Feels good :) I wonder how much eDPS is my wiz doing, any place I can check? With all those extra damage for frozen and all..
Only real way to check it is to record a video or use a stop watch against a high HP target like Ghom. There's a site with a eDPS simulator that I'm sure someone will post below me but I wouldn't trust it.

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