Ice Wiz and Frosburn

Alright so i have been using the black ice build with my wizard and I have been trying to find out how worth Frostys are when using this build. The gloves are 30% and i was wondering when the 30% is added to my damage. This would help me decide if keeping these gloves are worth it. I know black ice does a LOT of damage but i am more concerned for the use of the ray portion. I need to know if there is a break point in my overall damage that would make normal gloves better or frostys better and how it works with cold blooded as well. Please let me know! Thanks!
I think you would get 30% increased DPS, but I wouldn't use frostburns just because the gloves have no resistances of any sort. You would at least want some int, maybe vit + armor, or some AR on the gloves to increase your ehp
Thank you Gosu for an answer. Are you sure its 30% more overall dps?

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