Question about getting gold/equipment

I seem to have a hard time gathering gold or gear. Legendaries hardly every drop, set items Ive never seen. Is this because Im only paragon 7 and don't have a super high gold/MF percent? Any tips would be very helpful since Im finding it hard to further improve my barb.
One word: flipping. Nobody actually "farms" man, it's not diablo 2. Sorry, that's really how this game works.
The only things worth farming for are paragon xp and demonic essence. If you cant make gold through flipping or credit cards, I suggest saving any rare rings or amulets you find and selling them unidentified in the trade forums. They go for about 200k each. Of course, you can do the same with any of the legendaries you find and yes you will need to have much higher magic find to find any significant number of legendaries per run.
Nobody buy unid rares for 200k. 50-100k max
^ Not true where rings and amulets are concerned. There are threads in the trade forums where people buy them for 150-200k. Ive even seen up to 300k for amulets specifically.
I pay for unid 1 handers and rings and ammies if i see them for sale, 150k for 1handers, 200k for jewelery, 62+ for weps, 61+ for jewelery.

But your best bet is to get lucky, and get a 50-500 mill drop or whatever, then, flip the gah. Its sad, but if you straight tried farming for gold/GAH sales, you would be waiting a long time :/
wow, I didn't realize there was a market for unidentified items. Thanks for the tips.

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