Balancing my Monk out for end game MP 8-10

I've been working hard on this toon for a couple of months now. Tried lots of different skill sets (both active and passive) and i seem to be stuck at MP 7-8. I'd really appreciate some input on skill/gear changes to get myself to be able to work at MP 8-10. I've crafted and purchased a lot of different things. Always giving up something to gain something else. I have a lot of pieces to play with besides the gear i have on. I play solo 90% of the time. I just prefer moving at my own pace within the game and you'll see by my skill set up that it's all about keeping this guy alive and not so much about group play.

swap serenity for bells, changed my game a lot

your resistances are really low too
I run mp10 solo with the same skills/runes.. but i have less hp and dmg. The only big difference I see is that i have more armor and resistances. Also for mp10 I swap my wkl for a second ls weap when I encounter reflect dmg packs. Try to get more resistances would be my suggestion. Your dmg and hp seem fine. Good luck.
Thanks for the input, i may check out the bell skill. Haven't used that since before paragon leveling. I know my resists suck and my armor could be a little higher. I do have another good LS weapon, i was testing the lightning dmg off the wkl. i think my ls sword with either dmg or crit gem still outperforms the wkl. its a 1200 base dmg with ias/crit/ls and a socket. I guess i need to waste hours on the AH trying to maintain dmg/hp and find a way to gain resists and armor. I even wasted another 20 mil crafting gloves/;bracers and shoulders the past two days.. no luck yet. anyhow off to the ah world.
me too, my armor and resistant more than you but i can't play mp10 smoothly, I can't not stand on fire and poison to tank elitte. Anybody else have for advise?
You are not suppose to stand on molten/poison,It's mp 10 it is designed to not let players stand and tank all the way fighting elites. In mp 10 Skill > Gear
500+ resist and aim for 5000 armor. Otherwise you are totally set for mp10, dual lifesteal and lots of damage.

How much resist are you currently at? It doesn't look bad from what I can see, you should be able to do mp10 rather well (your armor is the biggest thing holding you down if your resist is 500+)

Check out alternate chest pieces if you aren't going to get a mempo anytime soon.

build wise, check out the sticky, if you want to use bells I would suggest nirvana specifically for you cause you have fast attack speed, which could potentially make up for your lack of average damage. Otherwise speedpalm could be good, but you don't have a wkl, but you don't need one.

@devil you can't do mp10 smoothly cause you don't have enough dps, maybe enough for parties kind of, but not enough for solo. Most people can't just tank fire or poison on mp10 unless they have dual lifesteal.
Balance monk: 5/5/5 200k dps!
90%+ TDR, (something similar to 500AR / 5000armor)
200k+ pDPS
50k+ HP
Dual LS / Single LS + LoH / Single LS + Globes + Pickup Radius
Relevant topic:
Like the others mentioned, DPS looks good, LS looks good, but you just need a bit more EHP. According to you're at 480k. If you can get to around 550k+ via more Vit, AR or Armor, you'll feel much less squishier.

We basically run the same build, but I use Dashing Strike instead of Serenity. If you can master DS, you'll find having the mobility to be worth more than having a 3 or 4 second invincibility. You can dash out of plague, frozen, etc. and a well timed use of dashing strike can avoid you being frozen altogether, even if you're in the freeze radius.

Lastly, consider giving the azurewrath to the enchantress and use her instead of the Templar for the armor buff (bumps you to 494k EHP). Throw some attack speed rings on her and an aps amulet, some LOH and MF and you'll find she's much better at proccing the freeze than the Templar.

Good luck!

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