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My favorite quote: "You can't Judge ME! I am Justice itself!"

It's from the cinematic when Tyrael ripped his wings off. I'm not sure why but it was very moving for me.
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Like this from Diablo himself.

"All that you have known - all that you have ever loved - shall die along with you, Nephalem!"

Made the fight seem important to protect something.
Great quotes so far everyone, I'll be on shortly for anyone who wants to claim their immediate gold winning.

Also, Rebel Gaming is not my blog, I am not one of the founders. I was asked by a friend (who writes for them) to do a giveaway/promotion. I thought the e-mail the password routine was a bit old school as well! But alas, you don't need to use the account past this initial competition if you don't want to so there is no need for paranoia. :)
Hey OP again, just gave out prizes to three of you. To the rest, if you can make it on within the next half hour I can give you your gold now, otherwise you'll have to wait until around noon tomorrow.
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"I sell my things for cheap, because, I will just take them off your body again when you are dead. No offence."

Favorite quote from A2 merchant xD
Thanks for everyone who has participated so far if you didn't get your gold tonight then check back tomorrow I will be on all afternoon, from 12-4 EST giving away gold. A total of 20 people have posted on the blog and only four of you have claimed your prize so be sure to add me in game so I can give you your prize tomorrow!

There's still 10 more slots for a quick 5 million gold!!
Username used at RG is triggerthis

somebody else used my quote but the act 2 merchant that will just take his stuff back after you die
Looks like I just missed you.
"Feel the hand of Ytar" *insert mr. bean face*

(username: Sirnick)

It's classic and timeless
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I'll be on for a little bit longer Pitt!
Thanks for the contest! I just posted some thoughts on the Rebel Gaming site (same name too).

Fave quote is an exchange between Leah and the barb (and I am slightly paraphrasing).

Leah: When this is over maybe I will open an inn.
Barb: That would suit you.
Leah: Maybe I will consider you for a job.
Barb: You honor me.

Seriously, a barb working at an inn?!? Come on Leah!
I like the thrill of discovering precious items!
Dat vendor.

My gear sucks. Halp!

I would like to join in for the Wizard Gear.
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This quote always made my hairs raise on the back of my neck :P
Not Diablo 3 quote though..

"Abandon your foolish quest! All that awaits you is the wrath of my master! You are too late to save the child! Now you'll join him -- in Hell" - Archbishop Lazarus

(maybe this is cheating but if i HAD TO PICK A D3 QUOTE)
Best D3 quote has to be Coveteous Shen when he talks about hope

"Hope... Do not look down, my friend. Even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. Hope for a better day, hope for a new dawn. Or just hope for a good breakfast. You start small, then see what you can get." - Covetous Shen
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Thanks in advance!
Happy Saturday Morning!

As of this morning we've got 26 comments on RG leaving only 4 slots left to earn an instant 5 mil. (I'll be giving out gold again around noon today!) Remember that everyone has a chance at the 200 mil and Wiz set!! In order to be eligible you do have to post on RG and then post here with your posting name. Quote is optional. Thanks for playing :) Remember to claim your instant prizes today from 12-4 EST! Only 6 people claimed their prize last night!
Bman checking in

ph forgot quote

" " - Decard cain act 2
stupid blizzard :(

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