Why, oh, why?!?

I feel your pain I crafted this yesterday, it's on my Scoundrel until I find a way to make up for the EHP loss:

Renown Blame

220 Dexterity
48 Arcane Resistance
Attack Speed Increased by 9%
Critical Hit Damage Increased by 85%
Critical Hit Chance Increased by 7.5%
Reduces Damage from Ranged Attacks by 3%

Just have to keep crafting and eventually I can afford the 5000HP drop, and pick up this beauty!

I told you last night that ammy was totally BA! See I was right!! *cheers*

If it were me, I'd take the emeralds out of your pants and replace them with amethysts. Then work on crafting better gloves.
09/03/2013 01:44 PMPosted by SirNick
Just use amythest!

To drop one of my socketed Emeralds, means I'll be losing about 3500 DPS - there goes half of my damage upgrade from the amulet and I'll also be shedding around 30 AR in the deal. It's not much of a trade-off.

I welcome everyone's suggestions, but with my lack of funding, there really isn't a viable way to fit the new ammy in, without making some major sacrifice. I really started this thread just to vent off some of the disappointment and hoping for some more information on the Mystic's capabilities. Nevertheless, everyone's participation and expression of sympathies is greatly appreciated! Can't say the same about the theft of thread title. (%
Get a WH with Dex/vit, cold resist, and life ? Probably your best bet, as it shouldn't be that expensive, only hard to find the right one.

Or craft chest armors, and hope to get one like mine ;)
Look at my WH belt. It would be perfect for you. Not an offer, just a suggestion. :-P

Seriously though, it wasn't even that expensive, so it should definitely be an option for you.

While I appreciate the offer, the 9% Life on your WH is barely 400 HP upgrade over my one, while at the same time I'll be losing a hefty Armor roll.

Well, actually the mitigation would be roughly equal when you factor in the strength and higher resist roll. It isn't the big bump you are looking for, but it is essentially something for nothing.

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