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Hey guys

I'm trying to improve my CM wiz and I'm looking for gear advice/ suggestions. My HP is on the quite low side and so I'm using amethyst where I think I should be using topaz. This build does decent up to about MP7 but I would like to be able to solo the upper MPs.

So i guess the question is what's the weakest piece or pieces of my set and what should I shoot for to get the best bang for my buck? Any specifics would be great.

P.S. I have a modest budget so try not to break the bank =)
The 2 links are any and everything you need to know about a cm wiz.
First link is by Piehole and breaks down the build,
2nd link Boozor breaks down what you need and how to make it work with a budget.
Now get busy.
storm crow = no cc. get one with cc and never settle with less than 420 (what are the odds :D ) LOH. 8% would be nice to have if you can get it

shoulders = a perfect place for vit and life %. have you tried crafting INT shoulders? you should. if you're into vile wards, get one with vit, like a fat fat vit

amulet = as a cm, never settle for 7 cc, always go for 8.5 and above. if you're 7 in your amulet, you'll end up having to get perfect cc elsewhere..vice versa. problem now is that you're relying on this amulet due to the fat vit. only way to settle this is either get a better amulet with higher cc and with vit but of course that's expensive SO we'll just have to get vit elsewhere

gloves = good stats but could use all resist

chest = an armor/all resist roll is expensive so either you go high armor or all resist here.

bracers = could definitely use vit here. keep trying?

rare ring = could use trifecta or attack speed/cc combo since you're cm

witching hour = could use either vit or all resist or both here

nat ring = could use cc here

inna's pants = here's your main problem. with your current set up, using this kills you. trust me, i don't know how you could even do high mp with low all resist, vit, and loh. blackthorne pants is the best option. what about attack speed, crit and movement speed? rare ring on attack speed and crit. movement speed, lacuni or settle with 12 movement speed, not so bad at all if you're decided to use inna's, the rest of your gears should be up to par to cover its ehp-less

chantodo's will = using cd roll. socket ones have been going down in prices as of late except of course those high end ones

nat boots = a hefty vit could be placed here

chant force = could be better with higher avg/int

of course all the changes depends on your budget but shoulders and bt pants are the ones to consider first imo.
Sweet, thanks for the info...this was exactly what i was looking for.

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