A Noob Question About LS, Manticores, & DHs

Demon Hunter
I notice that most players get a Manticore with an addition damage mod compared with one that included life steal.

My question is... where do the demon hunters get life steal or LoH from? Cause most item builds I see have neither. I'd get smoked in seconds on elites with reflective damage if I didn't have life steal.

Do most run with Shadow Power?
Most players use Gloom+Nightstalker(+vault/preparation) and combine it with high dps Manticore + broken snapshot mechanics.

Others use more offensive builds that you wouldnt have access to if it werent for LS but this comes with lower dps Manticore. I personally prefer the second option.

Btw dont worry about reflective damage - this affix is broken and Blizz knows that all too well but doesnt seem to care.

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