The irritating item type "bug".

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I've asked this a few times and it doesn't seem like there's much interest in correcting it, but I'll ask again and put it out there, just in case.

Is there any chance that this will ever be fixed in the future? I'm talking about the bug where items that are in your inventory don't show the correct item type, they always show only the lowest type.

This happens across all items as far as I know. It'd be nice if the item type showed correctly and you didn't have to throw an unidentified item on the ground to know what the base item really is.
What do you mean, as in they just say "Rare pants" instead of "Warlord Leg Plates," "Schynbalds," "Sovereign Tassets" or "Archon Faulds" for level 60, 61, 62 and 63 pants, respectively?

The image you provide is clearly a rare "Warlord Leg Plates." It's just memorization. If I see a "Tulwar" drop on the ground, I immediately know that's a level 59 one-handed sword (58 req.). If I see a rare "Astral Mail," I know that's a level 58 chest armor. If I see "Armguards," I know that's a level 61 bracers.

You can also go by item "set" names, such as the level 60 "Warlord" set, the level 62 "Sovereign" set, the level 63 "Archon" set, etc.
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