Price of Gold

It better go down soon...I only have 1 mil :(
08/30/2013 06:33 PMPosted by Fitz
Sounds like tinfoil hats are back in style.

It isn't really tinfoil hat to think that people attempt to manipulate the game's market for profit. You do know that sort of thing happens in unregulated markets right?

!@#$ happens in regulated markets all the time too.
I've posted on the manipulation of prices quite often and generally they don't hide it. I had gotten banned for a couple weeks for a reason unknown to me still.. too say I was pissed off would be an understatement. So I got political, went on every website I could and was trying to prove that they were trying to kill D3 player base because the game is not profitable. After about 20 trouble tickets and talking to a SGM account closure still held. Couple weeks later, I got an apology letter via email saying more or less '[yea we messed up our bad, we cool. pound it out]' --was sick of TL II so I figured whatever let it be.

They manipulate it by having a GM post a blue letter on the fact that gold is going to be .25$/50m but when it opens it opens at 1.28 -- I think half of it is just carelessness but it would be more beneficial for the RM sales for gold to be as low as possible because at that point people start having more items worth more than 2b. It is a bit conspicuous that 2b remains the cap.

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