Official Xbox 360 Gamertag Thread!!

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Msbehavin666 games arriving tomorrow :)
already playing GT: KRAMES101
uk here too GT : Renosgone
West Coast, USA : Cuddlycute
Hubb24 - I do not have a mic. Like to clear full areas before moving on. Will probably just play on hard or Master I for normal/nightmare/hell. Feel free to add me.

I play mostly evenings and weekends. Look forward to it!

Edit: I will be online all day Wednesday however.
Gt T00GAR <<(zeros)

Grinding through the game, on the 2nd game play through right now, lv34 warror with buddy (hunter) lv36.
Msg if you want to join or just do some trading.
xbox Gamertag: ThembaDk

Have done whole inferno on my Wiz.

i'll get a Headset/mic the 12. this mounth.
If u dont mind i dont got any "mic" feel free to add me.
GT: Infamous Iowa

Central time zone. I have a mic and have played tons of PC diablo. I play wizard and monk. Just started today my wiz is only Lvl 11 atm

def looking for peeps to play with...
Alrite got lots and lots of friend requests lets keep things going and get more tags up here ASAP


if u add me and this %^-* is happening you will be removed/reported/ignored and posted on here so everyone else knows who to avoid :)
Xbox GT: The Kobe Sys7em
Nastybreadmanjo lvling wd then barb would love legit ppl to game with
GT: Pianoman369 feel free to add me, playing a lot on the West Coast all times of the day and on weekends. Currently leveling Barb to 60 then gonna tackle inferno if anyone wants to level with me feel free to add me!
Gt - Killkerson
my Gamertag : BoMe Conejooo
keep the legit tags coming already have over 20 on my list lets go!!! :)
Tru3k1ller 666
Gamertag: Fusker

Been looking for a thread like this :)

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