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Im a barb sitting at exactly 480k dps unbuffed, 574k with battle rage(into the fray) and 762k with WOTB(thrive on chaos). 8.9% Life steal, 77k life, 9200 armor and 750 all res. No hacked items/character.

If you need an uber carry/master V farming partner add me:

DVS Smiter

LVL 60 demon hunter paragon 15

got my gear all legit
looking for legit players add me!
Gamertag: Abnegates

Level 60 Barbarian (main) Paragon 20 and rising.
375k dps buffed, 420k+ w/ overpower uptime, 1020k+ WOTB (Insanity). All legit gear, 90% self-found.

I don't play with any kind of modders/glitchers/hackers as it ruins the game, if you're willing to play with a cool down-to-earth guy from N.America feel free to add me. :D

I also have other lowbie alts I'm planning on leveling with my added damage Hellfire dex ring, and aim to get an intellect damage Hellfire soon.

Farming: Master III/IV
oC Stryker

I play with a tornado monk and am currently on act 4 of inferno, and I am level 4 paragon. My brother plays with me all the time, so if anyone wants to j up sometime message us either me or troncat 613
Keep em coming!!!
GT: xxDeathsDesignx
streaming tonight at 10PM Eastern

im on ACT III of Nightmare with a level 43 Monk.
come check out the stream, maybe we can join up.

XBL - Papa Boneski
GT - UPnocturnal
Gamertag: Agoer
Region: US East
Paragon: 10
60 DH and 46 Monk

Looking to hit 60 on my Monk soon, while gradually farming on my DH. Really trying to get a hold of some good Ubers, I need 2 more keys for 3 machines.

All legit.
Datshizcray is my gamertag
GT: ReeledFlunky63

hardcore 60 WD. para lvl 7

i play alot
Gamer tag- JESSE802
Demon Hunter lvl 60 para 22 well geared all legit
add me am looking for good geared people to play inferno with! :P
Xbox 360 Gamertag - Jumpkix

Looking for adult-minded gamers!
Gamertag: Bhogal83

London, UK

Usually on at weekends, but am about to have a quick blast right now. If you're legit, send me a friend request.
XBOX 360 Gamertag - SKS JAG

Looking for legit players
GT fire5idedata
Looking for a good group to do key runs & legendary farming with, add or message me on xbl.
GT: cupchamp48 - Wiz 60 Para Lvl:12 - Monk Level 30 - DH 60
GT: Nakigara1985
Barbarian lvl 49 Act 3
Just looking for people to team up with and slay some demons. :)

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