Official Xbox 360 Gamertag Thread!!

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Gamertag = On420BlazeItUp

My wife and I will be playing.

She is a super newb and I'm an über nerd.
She plays medium, I play hard+2-3.

We both just started, could use buddies.
Damn didn't think people still played. Just got back into the game myself working on lvling my Monk to 60(at 20 something now) Wouldn't mind to have a bro tag along. No hacked items / mods. 100% legit players only bromies.

GT : xDarkSoul18x
level 55 inferno Wiz,lower difficulty(for now) drepton.Please,no hackers etc spoils the game.
mrdengerous89 - count me in
04/15/2014 08:26 AMPosted by mrDengerous
mrdengerous89 - count me in

Does anyone know about legendary archon items with almost 500K or more critical damage? Is that a legit item?
GT: Avasile
NO Hackers please thanks
GT rashnu55
legit players only plz,
My GT: damianmateja321
GT: Baphom3t
GT : Mundo SS
No Dupers Please
GT: Nightscene. Level 33 Barb just trying to get a 4 player run going. Weekends are best.
Lvl 70 dh 114M dps. 7.64 hits per second.
Always willing to join up and farm and help others.
Add me.
GT- Crimsondeath136
Add a msg letting me know it's for do
My gamer tag is : Silverkidpoweh add me :)
gametag: praisedmemnon
Gt: Wjaxon love the game, don't have any friends that play. Thanks!
Sounds great. I'm in.
Gt is j0nny0nthesp0t
Gamertag: Hidden0darkness
GT: I hope nobody

I'm on daily

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