Hit a wall? WW Barb Gear review/help

First, thanks for reading this, and second, dont take anything below as asking for items, I just need some guidance on how to switch up my gear to get into the upper MPs.

So, after reading through the various guides and watching many videos (thanks for everyone that updates them after the big patches), I feel like im in a spot where I am not sure what to do. I love my barb, but im having trouble breaking the 80-90k dps range without having quite a few million gold to drop at any particular point. One of the biggest stumbling blocks I have is going dual wield or using the Skorn I have.

If anyone would be so kind as to look over what I have, and give some advice on where I could make changes to up my ability to get into the higher levels of monster power, I would greatly appreciate it.

On a side note, im a sucker for sets. After years of D2 and running around in lich mode ( I <3 Trangs) I just love the idea of them. I know they arent optimal, and I dont mind breaking the set, just wanted to mention it, especially if there are sets that are swingable for endgame.

I too am a sucker for sets. If you are going to maintain the IK set you have to realize that your damage slots are your jewelry, bracer and gloves. By damage I mean most importantly attack speed, critical hit chance and critical hit damage. I would almost weight them in that order too.

You need attack speed to hit breakpoints, critical hit chance allows higher fury gain as well as "resetting" certain skills where as critical hit damage stacks overall to increase the damage on those critical hits.

There are some "dos" and "don'ts" with the IK set overall. For instance, you should almost always go for the big numbers, the bigger the better and stick with all resist on most. The only one I would say not to is the gloves because ultimately this will be your only place other than jewelry to get critical hit damage. If you were breaking the set then you could also get it from the witching hour belt.

Get familiar with the websites d3up.com and d3rawr.com. Use them to test gear and figure out where you want to end up with your breakpoints, damage output and overall survival/effective hit points.

Weapon choices are important as well. If you are looking to stay with the 2H then you might have to include either an ammy with attack speed or something I don't care for which is the inna's pants to get to the desired break point. Once again the reason for this is because the IK set limits your choices, if you were not using the IK set then you could go for a helm like mempo with attack speed, or armor like tal's and/or witching hour. That is a -3 slots for attack speed off the bat.

If you'd like you can hit me up in game @ ThePlow#1851 anytime. I am not on line as much as I use to be but still on quite a bit.
Nephalem Psykofreq,

The IK set is a nice option w/ some pros and some cons. Generally, you will have to break up IK5 to get to end game,but you are no where near that.

While Ik5 does help some w/ fury management, you still need to be hitting respectable breakpoints. Skorn users get great damage per tick but the tick rates are slow making it difficult to permaWrath.


Then visit DAKKON's guide in stickies.

Other notes, shoulder has low vit, chest is low in vit. This forces your Ammy to carry a huge HP burden holding back your damage. Drop the str on shoulders down in favor Vit. If you are patient, you can 170/170/70ARs. Dump the HR ring... It's bad. Str, CC, and either IAS/CD depending on where you slot your IAS. I would also recommend you pick up another slot of AR. AR on IK Helm is the long term solution, but for temp, I would recommend AR on Lacunis. You will have to drop Str. Eventually, Vit on belt.

There a gajillion guides for DW. Keeping IK set becomes difficult however because most DW will favor a Mempo over IK helm. Since DW will almost always run an EF, 1 ring slot is often occupied by SOJ meaning 4 slots of IAS for 2.5/2.5 BP have to go elsewhere. You can always run a 2.23/2.23 but the only 2.5/2.5 is possible w/ SOJ in slot is Inna's pants. Problem is, the benefit of running Inna's for Ice Climbers is nullified by IK boots for set.

IK sets are also good starter HotA gearting routes.

Thank you both for your feedback! When the servers come back up, I will send you a message ThePlow, and I will look through the AH with both of your advice in mind!
Also, it turns out that switching from all the old defensive skills with bloodthirst, weapons master, and ruthless puts me in the 120kish range now.

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