upgrades I can make to my WD?

Witch Doctor

about 400-500 mil budget..my all res are kinda low (820) life is pretty good at 63k. dps is kinda low at 140k..any suggestions appreciated

Just a few off the top of my head :

Upgrade to a marquise gem in weapon
Look for some nice rare pants with more int
Get a unity with more crit damage
Craft some gloves - should be able to get an upgrade with more int and crit dmaage

Bit of a costly way, but IMHO if you are not going for the set bonus on the Man carving knife, you would be better off going for a sword or weapon with just black damage (no elemental damage). This way you will get more of the bonus % elemental damage off the tals neck and Zum boots.
You can also look at getting an offhand with more average damage and crit chance (Uhkapian serpent is a cheapish alternative).
The bonus to pick up radius is nice on TOTD but if you can get it on one item you can get an offhand with more damage and crit chance, especially with using bats.

Hope the above is some help. Upgrades from here on in will be slow and expensive.

- Your AR is actually good. My AR is only 700 and I'm fine in MP10 because I have good armor and life... remember diminishing returns. 4000 armor + 700 AR is way better than 3000 armor and 800 AR and cheaper to get.

I usually follow this general rule when it comes to mitigation.

Vitality - Take advantage of the massive rolls on pants and Chest. Belts, shoulders and boots can also be a good source of vit.
AR - get it mostly from crafted and set pieces because it's an absolute ripoff at the AH
Armor - Good value from the AH, usually you can pick up a few hundred armor on belts, rings and ammy's for not much extra, for example the 370 armor on my amulet is worth about the same mitigation as 50 AR, but if I bought the same ammy with 50 AR it would cost me 500mil instead of the 100m I paid for it.

About your doc specifically I notice a couple of things I'd change:

- Get a better vit roll on chest, you're missing out on huge potential hitpoints by sticking with that puny 114 vit... you can get up to 300 on Zuni chest so take advantage of it!

- Start crafting, crafting will give you much better rolls on the bracer, gloves and shoulder than you can ever hope to buy on the AH unless you're really rich, you'll get a massive DPS boost if you can manage to craft a trifecta glove.
if I switched out my pants wouldnt I miss the loh dramatically?
I would say no, 2.9% should be enough to keep you alive on all but reflect packs.

What MP do you normally farm though so I can give a definitive answer.
7-9ish. just tried 9 and struggled bad lol..i can usually do 8 pretty decent.
You should be fine with that LS then. I can do MP10 with 2.9% and around the same vit and AR. My dps is a bit more, but you should still be fine on 90% of the packs. Just learn to use spirit walk and Horrify:FA and you'll be fine :)

Although, honestly, that is not the most significant upgrade you can make, but it all helps.
got some new shoulders & gloves.. gained .5% protection, 3k dps but lost 2k life from the gloves. Also gained 40 AR (res are between 874-960 now & still have 64.3k life. )i think i just mainly need to not be so agressive now some elites still own me but i can handle my own on a lot of time
You should be focusing on adding more offense, not defense. Best/easiest change I can see would be to get some Depth Diggers in place of the BT pants. You would lose a little mitigation, but even pants like mine would be worth 7600 DPS, and mine were cheap (11 million), you can certainly do better.

Speaking of mitigation, I can do MP10 just fine with less, so I am not sure where you got the idea that you need even more. Generally 4k armor and 750 @res are plenty and your net mitigation is better than that. I do use Horrify/FA, which helps immensely. With GI, it is basically always available, and it is invaluable when fighting RD packs because I can keep on attacking as if it isn't there. I play quite aggressively, but I still reposition to safety when the situation dictates it.

My base mitigation is admittedly on the low side, but a large life pool and the available buffs overcome this. Here is a breakdown that illustrates this more clearly.

Base Stats:
4005 armor
686 resist all

Adding Buffs:
Horrify/FA -----------> +4005 armor
Soul Harvest -------> +65 resist all (with 5 stacks)
Gruesome Feast --> +162 resist all (with 5 stacks)

Fully Buffed Stats:
8010 armor
913 resist all

Obviously, maintaining the fully buffed stats is totally unrealistic, but when farming, it is not unusual to have 100% Horrify/FA uptime, 5 stacks of Soul Harvest, and 1 to 3 GF stacks. More DPS helps to fuel this, effectively making a better offense = a better defense.
if I were to use horrify/fa which skill would I want to switch out? i use all my skills & they are all pretty helpful IMO

Tho it does sound like horrify/fa is pretty helpful as well lol
Personally, I'd drop Mass Confusion for the very simple reason that the cool down is way too long. I like knowing a skill is going to be there when I want to use it, and even with GI, it will be available 50% of the time at best. Give it a try, I hope it works well for you.

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