so bored. :P

Done watching the latest episodes of suits and breaking bad. Checking out Sherlock now.

What are you watching?? Are we watching it too? :o
Ah, Sherlock. How I can't wait for Season 3. :/

You can always look forward to Supernatural and Mentalist. If you're into those, that is.

And ofc there's The Conjuring. My god the trailers alone made me sh!t my pants. I darenot watch the movie. Though I want to. Or maybe not.... :O
Watched conjuring.,.. Honestly... it was not that scary. Decent movie.
Orange is the new black is pretty solid.
09/03/2013 07:12 AMPosted by Neoshinji
Orange is the new black is pretty solid.

Synopsis sounded interesting. Will check it out!
The Conjuring wasn't scary at all, and had some plot instances that didn't sit well with me... but regardless of all that - you can always watch Archon's stream of the console D3 till the servers are back up.

Edit: By the way, just watched Now You See Me for the first time the other night... the movie is pretty excellent :)
I need to catch up on breaking bad...havent seen any of season 5. Watching latest episode of One Piece at the moment.
You just reminded me to watch the latest episode of Shingeki no Kyojin. Forgot I already downloaded it.

Haven't watched any American TV shows since Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead finished for the season.
Justified is good. The Walking Dead is awesome. Continuum is ok. The Killing was engrossing, but ended up feeling like the writers were desperately making it up as they went along instead of having a plan - then ending seemed kinda lame to me.

Some older shows that you may or may not have seen that are available on Netflix that I really liked:
Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog
The Guild
Luther (British crime drama)

Some shows I've seen the pilot for and keep meaning to go back and watch but never get around to:
Sons of Anarchy
Hell on Wheels
Anyone here a fan of Riddick?

It is almost here... :) Can't wait!! :D
Looking forward to The Blacklist too!
Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and Newsroom are pretty much the only ones I watch every episode....Any sports that happen to be on....Other than drive fast turn left....
Bored? Had to google it then recalled that emotion before I got a computer with internet access...ahh those days, gotcha.
WCS SC Europe streaming right now on twitch. Naniwa is on...
checking out some of the drama suggested here. Hell on wheels looks cool
09/03/2013 07:11 AMPosted by Liquid
Watched conjuring.,.. Honestly... it was not that scary. Decent movie.

Yeah... I didn't find it scary either, is a good scary movie, but in general I don't like those kinds of "Exorcist Reloaded" movies. But it was fine.
Watching the Newsroom and waiting for the servers to come back up.

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