A public invitation to a PvP Guild

anyone who adds Weasel add me as well, we are fellow guild members!

remember Brawl hard, party harder, no QQing!!
Oh, I didn't realize there was sensitivity training in the scorched chapel. I must have missed that course.


Honestly, all the pvpers are friends. We trash talk each other on the daily basis but know we still respect each other. If you can't handle that, the sandbox is over there for you to play in.
Is there a place where I can see all the guilds and their members so i can inspect stats to know if we are evenly matched? I heard Salty had something like that going on.

Here are the members of our guild.

Kira, TheRisen, MannerCookie, Mafia, Lornazondiac, Cyon, Mirai, SkyIsLimit, Wutongshu, LiberalDarkT, Apollo, Shisky, Scrapz, Saltydog.


Here is the members so far from our guild:

Smotpoker, Yosef, DerfelCadarn, DJPoop, cptJack, DAVARIUS, Metapod, Xanidu, Weasel765



G_G no re


BRING IT. I can see 9 player on each side that are active.
Come at me bro!



It sounds like you guys are ready to go. I think its time to get this thing started.
Not all those member listed are active.

We won't be ready for competition until January. However, I could set up individual fights.
Perhaps we can start with a simple 5v5 guild war. Choose 5 members of your guild (all different classes) to fight 5 members of our guild.

How about a 3v3 match?

I'll ask my top 3 members when they can be ready.
Or just do the 3v1 Wutongshu challenge? lol
A 3v3 is fine. Let me know what 3 players from your guild will be entering and we will get 3 from ours. Do you want it to be same class vs same class? Or does it matter to you?

Either way, just give me your 3 players and their class.
Im 'fraid of WD's.
hiyo add Thebeaze#1815
Please add me Pamy#1989

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