Am I on the right track?

New player. Trying to find a build that I like that isn't "forum standard". I run MP10 only. My question for the experienced players:

Am I on the right track stat wise? If I use what I have as a guide and scale the numbers without changing them to fulfill other stats, Can I pull off a successful kiting style in MP10 Inferno?
I seriously doubt it, unfortunately. No kiting build can stand up to MP10 or even probably MP5 or 6. The enemies are too fast, hit too hard, and there are too many affixes. The only builds that really work are ones that let you face tank the content. So, a CM wiz that freezes, and SS Wiz that freezes also, and an Archon Wiz that has really high mitigation because of the archon bonuses.
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No. Maybe MP5, but killing will take forever. An uncommon build is one thing, but you should really synergize them a little better. No offense, but this build is just a mess. :(
Is the difference between Hell and Inferno really that much?
Oh wow. Just looked at the actual build it shows in the forums. That is not at all what I was using when i logged off last night. It is about half way between what I am using and something I tried for fun. My bad. Ignore this until I can get home and change it.
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Is the difference between Hell and Inferno really that much?

a complete different game.. welcome to inferno bro
08/28/2013 12:28 PMPosted by Nabbs
a complete different game.. welcome to inferno bro
Not there yet. Only picked up the game a week ago or so. And other than weekends I only get a few hours a night to play. Looking forward to it though.

I have seen rumblings in the forums about "leeches" in MP10 groups. Have experienced this in other games and don't want to be "that guy."
Yeah. It's much more fun to be appreciated in group play. :) I always make sure to lavish praise on players who tune their build to benefit the group.
I say technically you can build a kiting gear set for MP10. The problem is it will take you ages to kill anything so you'll have very very very bad efficiency. That's why virtually no one uses a kiting spec anymore.

Here's an example: let's say you have 100k effective dps with your kiting build. Elites have around 25 mil hp on MP10, I think. That means 250s to kill an elite pack, or about 4 minutes.

If instead you ran with Archon and 100k char sheet dps, you can run MP0-1 and kill elites in like 5-10s, maybe less.
used to play mp5 with arcane build..arcane hydra and orb and like 140k dps..was easy never died but wanted to try the archon world
Ok so I decided against that junk. Not worth the time if you are farming. Decided to go a more standard route. If you guys would take a look and see what I should improve upon that would be most appreciated.

Keep in mind I had a lot of this stuff donated by a friend who quit just as I was starting, and I don't have a ton of gold to invest. Maybe a couple hundred mil.
First, your frost nova has no rune, use Deep Freeze for solo play, Bone Chill if you run in groups, Cold snap for ubers. Second, drop EA and pick up SA if you play solo. Then lower the MP until you can survive. SA does a tremendous amount of effective dps. That will also let you drop Astral Presence. Pick up Cold Blooded instead. You also might want to drop GC for evocation or blur. For that build, char sheet dps isn't as important as survivability.

Hate to say it but your gear isn't really cut out for that build atm. Your APS is a little lower (recommended to have 2.5+), you want 2 APoC pieces, you only have 1, and you have very very little crit (want around 50%, but the more the better). You also need more LoH. 215 just isn't going to cut it.

To get those stats, you can cut as much as 20k hp, or more if you have a decent latency. More hp isn't terrible but other stats are just more important, especially at your gear level.

Alternatively, you could always try a different build. Archon is pretty easy to gear for as long as you don't mind sticking to medium MP. For that you basically just want a LS weapon and then stack your dps as high as you can while adding EHP where you can. At lower MP EHP isn't as important, and you can use EA, plus Archon form gives huge survivability boost.

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