plz help me save my wiz

I built a barb and havnt been on my wiz in ages. going back to her i feel like i did something terribly wrong. she has decent dps, good int, etc but such low life. I was looking at another guys build and he has 58k hp.....the skills im using are also a new trial. before i was running my own version of CM using the Nado/shock pulse combo for shock nados. no frost nova or teleport....

Im asking because I was reading about breakpoints and I know that my attack speed is really low - so I'm wondering which gear changes you guys would suggest. I have only about 40m right now
It's the weapon, dude. For CM wiz, the weapons to go are Wand/Sword/Dagger as they provide decent attack speeds. Upgrade this first.
well you could do with some sustsain as in life on hit rather then life regen, also a life steal sword would be nice.

The other thing is the build your running is unconventional and not really synergistic.

Generally for CM to work you want to stack cc and ias with a nice dollop of defensive stuff.

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