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Hey guys,

I have been busy building my DH since I hit P100 with my monk.

Most of my gear made a good fit for a DH except that my AS was way too high for the build I chose.
Several things are opposite and seem contrary to logic but it worked once I got some spot-on advice from Nyan.

Anyway, I was lost at first and posted in the DH forums for a mentor and the first response was a flaming from some jerk in Europe who was jealous of my gear. Then Nyan and another DH posted some helpful stuff that brought me out of noobville.

But I can't help but notice that posts on the DH forums are far and few between compared to the Monk forum. Fewer people are active and even fewer are willing to help.

I have quite a few of you on my friend's list so I don't feel totally alienated; but I do miss the good- natured banter here.

Y'all feel free to join me in-game if you want to level up with me. Right now I am P14 and doing MP8 comfortably.

Have a good Labor Day!


I take back all the nice things I said about the monk forums...Some of you (KJ) are mean and nasty and your dog hates you. :0

@KJ...At least I did not get poison ivy on my scr0tum while peeing in the woods.
That didn't come out right. So I edit.


You are still welcome to post here, even if you are levelling an alt. No need to hang with the morons.
Well now I feel better. At least we are not the only ones getting trolled by KJ
The Five Kingdoms challenge produced a great quote from one of our own—something like "Well, at least we know which class all the intelligent adults are playing around here."
Lol that challenge did bring out some "interesting" aspects from each of the kingdoms.

I run every class, but in the end I'm a monk :)
09/02/2013 07:46 AMPosted by RockShow
even fewer are willing to help.

lol yeah it's a nasty world out there ... general forum is the worst though

this is why I only hangout in the monk forum and the SnB barb thread =)
To be fair all the class forums have decent helpful folk.
Your still missing the natalya's reflection + natayla's bloody footprints! You need at least 5 more increased attack speed to hit the next breakpoint!

More hugs (>^^)>

I'm usually running something or just puttering around at best. Lately its solo key farming for uber runs with Wannabee and the wife and whomever else drops by.

If your looking for someone to run with you can hit me up. I run my p77 monk or my p30's cm wiz and I have a barb thats a work in progress as well.

I dont have any set thing I run but could always use another player to run with.

That would be great! I will send you a FR as soon as I have time to play again
@RockShow - I agree with your op. I ran a Wiz when I first got the game and after trying the other classes out, I had more fun with Monk. Since then, I've really enjoyed how helpful and active the Monk forums are. Even for someone who mostly lurks like me.

If you wouldn't mind, I wouldn't mind taking up your offer to do runs to level up? Trying to get at least one class to 100 before paragon 2.0 just to say I did and find it's more fun to run with others.

I sent you a FR
I'd like to play with you. Will add later tonight.

Most people on DH forums are good. It's just that there are 3-4 very active posters who are 14 year old trolls who butt in every chance to try to pick a fight.

Your DH came out OK. The biggest thing I'd recommend is to drop IC + rare ring for Nats combo, mainly because:
-I don't know how much you've read, but your main skill, RF, uses breakpoints. The big one to strive for is 2.01 APS. You're currently at 1.94. A nats ring inherently comes with IAS, putting you over that BP and giving you a big eDPS boost. If you do decide to look for a Nats ring, I'd recommend looking for one with CHD and high Dex/Avg dmg. The reason for this specific combination is that you get quite a bit of extra CC from SOJ/DML and Bait The trap (21% in your case). Thus you'll make great use of the extra raw damage.
You'll also obviously get the 7% extra CC from Nats Set.

The cost of this move will be quite a bit of ehp. You'll be losing ~80-160 vit (depends on ring) and 60 AR. I think you can afford both.

Here are some approximations for you, assuming you replace your boots/ring with something similar to mine:
DPS gain: ~25K
EHP loss: -65k

If you adjust this for breakpoint difference.. you're currently at 1.82, so we can say your DPS is 261K * 1.82 / 1.94 = 245K
After this, you'll be at 261K+25k = 286K.

I'd say that 40K DPS is worth more than 60k ehp - but that's up to you.

EDIT: The other obvious way is to get another rare ring with IAS. If we assume you can get the same exact ring but instead of CC you get 8% IAS, you're looking at a DPS loss of ~7k, but you'll be hitting the breakpoint. You can run the numbers yourself from there.

Thank you for the info!

I did indeed switch back to my Nat's set and my DPS went up considerably. I will find a way to work around the low hatred issue by using my bola shot more often.

I would appreciate the demonstration of DH tactics. see you in-game!
look at my powerful DW monk!


also, RS, you're a noob!
09/02/2013 10:40 AMPosted by Vrkhyz
The Five Kingdoms challenge produced a great quote from one of our own—something like "Well, at least we know which class all the intelligent adults are playing around here."

Hahaha, how droll - I approve of this post.

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