auction house smiled upon me? made two killer

snipes before server went down @_@

let's just say they were so rare only bots would be sellin them and i guess they forgot a zero :D
What were they???? I wanna know....

Also, you interested in my Signet? Since you're farming barbs left, right and centre. :P
Proper snipes or looking for auctions that end in under 8hrs so you are the highest bidder before maintenance?
it was a buyout, mrduma, a 1d12h thing. after i got kicked from game, i went to AH to look at those 1d12h items and they both just appeared simultaneously at 1d12h. surprise i even got to buy them out before any bots of players

tensor: i already have a couple
Dangit. :/

I'll try bribing RV maybe.... :P
Ahh... a real snipe. Good work... for whatever it was you sniped (really, you need to tell us what it was... can't just announce it and not say anything....).

On a side note, Blizzard really should freeze AH timers when maintenance hits. Pretty sure a lot of people have lost gold and money of it.
last week, this item was gone from AH then only a couple of days ago did it came back but still with low quantity

this item is insanely rare that i have a better chance of getting a cc mempo

it's the ouroburos amulet

i have no idea who even bothers buying this for 20m and above and i got both for less than 100k. either some players got it, saw the !@#$ty stats, decided to post it at less than 100k, clueless that it can sell up to 50m

this amulet has never ever once dropped for me and mempo has dropped way more than this
Did you get a trifecta one? I remember the old version of Ouroboros having a lot of life regen.. the new one looks like a lot more usable.

The only sorta similar thing I got was a 4.7% chance to freeze Azkaranth for 200k. It's dropped for me once and it stun one :/
i can't remember if it was but i doubt it. regardless, the amulet itself can sell huge so yeah, more for me.
Yeah, never seen that drop in game before. I seem to be getting a lot of Spirit Stones... again -_-

In any case, good snipes! Gotta be there when the deals surface I guess.
thanks. MDM

the thing about this amulet is that regardless of stats, it will sell huge. the last price i saw before getting kicked was at 18m and it was only 1 page
People are willing to pay for an item they won't even use just because it's rare... I guess it's that type of game.

Actually, I can't talk... I still have a Hamburger sitting in my stash since 1.05 or something hahaha
you'd be surprise how many low level legendaries beside

-leoric's signet
-puzzle ring
-justice lantern

can actually sell

for instance, this thing.......

i got that from normal with a socket and it sold, believe it or not, for 60m, even with the cheapest being 300k

so to everyone who have low level legendaries, do not vendor them instantly. check AH always
Leoric's a given. I have a Puzzle Ring somewhere in my stash... purchased one to test the goblin thing. Buriza is excellent.. getting a bit pricey again though.

Justice Lantern... that's a ring, right? Heaps of armor or something?

I heard there was a rare blue item as well. It's pretty low level and because it's blue, most people don't even realise it. Do you know what it is?
Dangit picha. I had one Fletcher drop like 3 months ago. I vendored that !@#$ ahaha...

09/03/2013 06:37 AMPosted by MrDuMa
I heard there was a rare blue item as well. It's pretty low level and because it's blue, most people don't even realise it. Do you know what it is?

Murlocket. Prolly.
lol.. that is one ugly amulet. Should have a gimmick of looking like a frog in drag when you have it equipped.
murlocket used to be expensive but since people started farming, it became common. i don't think it even sells anymore. i have 3 of those.
I also had a puzzle ring drop. Sold for 3mil.

And a few days ago i found my first leg plan:

Sold for 12.8mil.
I've never, ever had a legendary plan drop. Ended up buying mostly every one though (except the ones in the bils), because of the completionist in me.

Picha, you have to let us know the stats when the server is back up! I for one want to know!
of the ouroburos? sure

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