MP10 Ubers question

So I finally made it to P100 as a self-found Barb. Decided to try Ubers since I was farming at Mp10 anyways. Well I can kill the King about 50% of the time but have yet to kill even Magna.

Everything I am using I have either found or crafted. I also have a full IK set that i could throw on but would be a 2-6k DPS drop for each piece and in some cases 2-4k health too.

Can someone please let me know if the DPS drop would be worth it to swap out with IK. Also let me know about my skill selections.

Unfortunately, I can't really see the stats on your gear, as I'm posting on my smartphone...but I CAN give you some advice about skill selection. Try Bash @ Punish instead of Cleave; it will give you more single target damage and increase your total damage as well. Also, try the Bloodlust rune for Rend instead of Lacerate for more sustain.

Congratulations on reaching Paragon 100, and best of luck slaying those Ubers!
For King and Maghda you'd want your AR to be be around 600-650 and the more Health you stack on you the better. So going for at the very least a 2pc set bonus for the IK may be worthwhile over the 2-3k DPS loss
well considering you have no MS bonus and slow attack speed i am guessing you tank the ubers in-which case i would switch to rend blood lust, switch superstition to an armor bonus passive. rend blood lust combined with 8.10% LS (11.10% if you want blood thirst over armor passive) will allow you to tank anything while you hota like a madman.
Klyaxar, WordMaster's advice is spot on. Also, I'de suggest using Warcry/impunity instead of Overpower/momentum (the only time i ever use Warcry/impunity is specifically for MP10 hell fire ring runs). A passive i like for this specific situation also is Bloodthirst (try that instead of superstition). Obvious ymmv.
ur problem is ur lack of DPS and AS... u have huge LS but no DPS no make it work,,, at 133k the LS u gain is very low... ur profile :

If I was u,,, I will gonna use this skill sets to do it... it wont be fast but it should work

u have probably problem to keep WOTB on full time ? so!ZeY!cZbZYc
All thanks for the info. I'll give it a try when my grandson goes down for a nap.

@Phalanx - yep pretty much my MO is to stand toe to toe and dish and take it.

@ oldschool16v - don't have too much of a problem keeping wrath up largely because of superstition, when you stand toe to toe with elemental damage it is automatic fury generation. And I think I read in other posts that Ubers are primarily elemental damage.

I guess I will try this skill set later today!eZY!bZcYcZ

and swap out belt and boots for IK items.
Very impressive self-found character. Your gear should be capable of ubering on MP10 but with some difficultly.

In fact superstition doesn't offer much protection in ubers, since the bulk of the dangerous attacks are physical. Its really only maghda's arcane beams that aren't. (Maghda's flies and kulle's tornadoes both are) I still prefer it to the armor passives precisely because it makes fury generation so easy. Your biggest problem was just not using rend:blood lust. War cry will make it easier but it shouldn't be necessary.
@Silverfire -Thanks been a frustrating and arduous run to P100 with only using stuff i have found. Would love it if just once a truly epic piece dropped. The other thing would be if bigger Gems dropped instead of collecting a bajillion flawless and crafting upwards.

@Death - read through it once about a week ago but I obviously read it to fast. Thought I remembered the big points but will review it again.
Well Siege handed my A$$ on a silver platter when using the Skorn. Took me about 6-7 minutes to take him down using a sword and SS. Then Kulle one shotted me from full health. Still not sure how that one happened.

Lesson learned from this is I need more Attack speed. I found keeping WOTB up using Skorn was tough but could easily do it with a much faster 1 hander. Those damn bubbles are a major pain.

Going to have to step down to maybe MP8 and work on my uber skills and keep hoping for some truly epic drops.
If you don't kill Kulle within eight minutes, he will one-shot party members one-by-one. If siege isn't dead by then, he will get the old enrage timer on his head and you'll start taking steady damage over time, though this effect is relatively easy to lifesteal through.

I believe Rakanoth has a similar enrage to Kulle, but if you can't beat Ghom/Rakanoth without enraging then you will certainly not have a chance against the other uber bosses.

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