how many double leg drops have you got?

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ive gotten four double leg drops this year, kinda fun to hear two chimes at once, it was the lacuni bracers im wearing on my female wiz and a bul kathos sword i think
Got 2 brimmies once :(
I have only gotten 1 double drop - was pretty cool to get one :D
I have managed to get x2 double drops, both times brimstones were gained :(
Ive gotten four I can remember, and one of those was with a KW so it was like triplets. All S&%t of course. It would be easier if you could designate certain legendaries to drop as brimmies automatically, make Haedrigs work less boring.

"Ohh, I see youve brought me another Peace of Crap their laddie, let me brimm that for ye"

08/27/2013 11:38 AMPosted by CC123
"Ohh, I see youve brought me another Peace of Crap their laddie, let me brimm that for ye"


I have had a few double drops and a few tripples when you add a KW key drop too.. I think I have only had one worhwhile leg drop ever - the manticore on my DH and I know there would be better examples out there
I got two doubles and a triple drop last night. Found 17 legendaries in 1 and a half hours, it was insane lol. Maybe they were rewarding me because I hadn't played in a few days...
Let's see 2-3 double brimmy drops. Sigh, typical D3 drops. lol
6 or 7 double legendary drops

Last week I played an ueber game and got 3x2 for each boss act plus a key

In 1500hrs, that's the best I ever got
lol I can't even get a single leg drop :)
It's weird but I get regular double, triple, quadruple leg drops when I group. They're also typically the same legs - Sky Splitters, Frostburn Guantlets, Gladiator Gauntlets. Hellracks, Balefire Casters, Schaeffer's Hammers and Dark Mage's Shades. Not sure why it's only these legs. I've also found with particular groups regular drops of liquid rainbows and gibbering gemstones. In some cases I've found demonic essences drop from white mobs, but the weird thing is I can never pick those ones up. What's up with that?!?!

But I think the record for leg drops belong to Optimus who got this leg drop in the Slaughtered Calf Inn after killing the monsters in the Talk to Leah quest right at the beginning of Act 1:
Gotten maybe 5 since launch. Most recent were a double STR and INT with all res BT pants that are on my wiz, the other beam was a forgettable brim. This was in hardcore too so those BT pants are worth a bit. But are worth more to my wiz :p

The double beam is the best sound in the game.
On a side note, why is it that there seems to be special weeks for legendary drops ?

What I mean is, if say I find a Wizard Hat legend in a game or day or that week, a lot of other players also find the same item.

This doesn't just apply to Wizard Hat, it's just an example.

With so many different types of legendaries it certainly seems weird how so many players find the same type of legendary on that day or during that week.

Anyone got any ideas on that?
Update: another double dinger last night while doing A2 keyruns... lacuni & staff... both moderate

gotta love that sound tho - even if it does end up being meh
Never had a double leg :-(

Had a whole bunch of leoric shin bones at one point and littered the ground with them just to feel loved. Should have done it in the throne room before fighting leoric.

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